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World Book Day - Katy Perry Firework 27.2.23

Katy Perry (October 25th 1984) is an American singer and songwriter. She is one of the best selling music artists of all time having sold over 143 million records worldwide. 


In 2010, she released the song Firework. It was inspired by a book she had read called On the Road by Jack Kerouac.  


Her husband at the time said she was like the paragraph in the book where Kerouac describes his favourite people as those ever-burning ‘roman candles across the night’ who fizz with life and never say a boring or commonplace thing. 

Katie said: “When I heard that I was like, that is who I feel like I am, who I want to be, who I want to surround myself with -- those firework people. 

"It’s just all about you igniting the spark inside of you.” 

Katy Perry - Firework (Lyrics)