St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


Summer 2 Homework Imperial Invaders

Summer 1 April/May 2021 Suggested Homework Activities:

April-May 2021 Homework suggestions

Spring 1 Homework (Jan/Feb 2021)

  • Reading Homework - Children have access to books on Reading Planet and they will bring home a book to read each week. These must be returned on a Friday.
  • Maths Homework: TTRockstars/Numbots
  • Topic Homework: additional paper copies are available from your teacher.


  • Spelling Homework:

Spellings are found in your child's purple reading record. (Spelling quizzes are on a Thursday):


4.1.21 WEEK 1: Suffix 'ness' and 'ful' when following a consonant

wishful, forgetful, thankful, painful, fearful, successful, fairness, fitness, foolishness, illness, darkness, quietness


11.1.21 WEEK 2: Prefixes 'sub' and 'tele'

telephone, telegraph, television, telescope, telephoto, teleport, subway, submarine, submerge, subsection, subterranean, substandard


18.1.21 WEEK 3: Year 3 and 4 word list

calendar, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, early, earth, exercise, experiment


25.1.21 WEEK 4: Words with the /ʃ/ sound spelt ‘ch’ (mostly French in origin) as well as ‘s’, ‘ss(ion/ure)’

chef, shop, sugar, special, sure, mission, brochure, machine, chalet, chute, parachute, champagne


1.2.21 WEEK 5: ness, less, ful, ly

careful, careless, carefully, carelessly, painful, painless, painfully, painlessly, thoughtful, thoughtless, thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness


8.2.21 WEEK 6: ly suffix

slowly, quickly, roughly, suddenly, sadly, loudly, quietly, badly, rapidly, happily, hungrily, strangely

 Topic: Autumn 2

Genius Geologists

Choose one task to do each week.

You may also have some English or Maths tasks posted on here as extra homework activities too.


- The /ɪ/ sound spelt ‘y’

gym, gymnastics, pyramid, mystery, myth, Egypt, cygnet, mystic, synonym, mythical, symbol, mysterious

- adding er to a verb 

taller, smaller, rougher, smoother, fitter, hotter, bigger, madder, angrier, earlier, hairier, dirtier

- Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt ‘-gue’ and the /k/ sound spelt ‘-que’ (French in origin)

fatigue, catalogue, league, tongue,

antique, unique, mosque, plaque, cheque, grotesque, picturesque, boutique

Every week:

1. Look at your last times table quiz, practise any you need to work on.


2. TT Rockstars (10 minutes every day where possible).


3. Use your Reading Planet books

You will need to log in with your school number and password to access the books that your teacher has given you. Don't forget to complete your quiz about what you have read too!


4. Learn your spellings. Each week they are stuck into your reading record. We will also upload them further down this page.


Feel the Force! homework

Choose one activity to do each week



Week beginning: 2nd November 2020


Spellings - Homophones are words which sound the same but they can be spelt differently and have different meanings. Can you write a sentence for each homophone e.g. The sail of the boat moved with the wind. The house on my road was for sale.