St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Storytime read by staff

Hello Reception 

To keep school as normal as possible, We will be posting 3 storytime videos every week. These are familiar stories your child has heard at school. These stories will be read by nursery and reception staff. Enjoy!

We will be asking questions on each story, so make sure your child is really listening! 

Kind regards 

The Reception Team. 

Dinosaur munch

The dinosaur was as long as 5 buses. True or False?
What is another word for eating?
Do you have a favourite dinosaur? Can you tell your adult about it.

The Hungry Giants Soup Read by Ms Fleming

What did the children make the giant?
What was the soup cooked in?
The giant lost something at the end of the story, what did he lose?

'Giraffes can't dance' read by Mrs Harborne

What happened to Gerald when he tried to run around?
Gerald was a very good dancer! True or False?
Who helped Gerald to dance?

My Naughty Little Sister goes to School

Why was little sister excited? where was she going?
What happened to grandma?
Do you have a brother or sister? Can you draw a picture of them?

Owl Babies read by Ms Fleming

What were the owls called?
Where did the live?
What was the problem in the story?

'The Huge Bag of Worries' read by Mrs Harborne

What did she find, a huge bag of ......?
How does she feel in the book?
Do you get worried? What do you get worried about?

'Full Full Full of Love' Read by Miss Flemming

On Sunday where did JJ go?
What is Granny's cupboards full of?
Do you have a Grandma? What are they like? Can you tell your adult about them?

'Dreamer' Read by Miss Hobbs

Start poem at 1:08

What is the poem called?
Why is it important to look after the world?
Can you draw a picture of the Earth?

'Peace at last' by Jill Murphy read by Mrs Harborne

Who are the characters in the story?
What was Mummy Bear doing to keep Daddy Bear awake?
What was Baby Bear doing to keep Daddy Bear awake?

'My Big Fat Cat' read by Miss Hobbs

True or False:
The cat in the poem is very skinny.
Where is his favourite place?
What happens at the end of the poem?

Mrs Harborne Reads 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson

Who has monkey lost?
What minibeast helps monkey in the story?
Have you ever lost something? Can you tell your adult about it.

The Gruffalo

Who wrote 'The Gruffalo' Julia .............. ?
Can you describe The Gruffalo in 3 words? for example; 'terrible' 'fat' 'ugly'
What animals did mouse meet in the forest? Can you name all of them?

Where's my teddy? Read by the lovely Mrs Beasmore.

Where did Eddie lose his teddy?
What is another word for 'very big'?
Do you have a special toy? Can you tell your adult about it.

Mrs Harborne reads 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson

What did the ladybird hear?
Why did the men need a map?
Can you think of another word for 'whisper'?

Jasper's Beanstalk

What animal is Jasper?
What was he planting?
What date is missing? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Whatever Next?

Who wrote 'Whatever next?'
Where did Baby Bear find the rocket?
How did Baby Bear feel when he reached the moon?

Mrs Harborne reads 'Dear Zoo' with a little help from Ronnie

Why was the elephant sent back?
Can you name and write down 3 animals in the book?
What animal would you like as a pet?

Colour me Happy Read by Mrs Beasmore

Finish the sentence
When I'm brave, colour me ............
When he is angry what colour does he feel?
What colour do you feel when you are happy? Can you draw a picture using that colour?

The Gingerbread Man

Finish this rhyme 'Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me ......'
Who made the Gingerbread Man?
Can you draw your own Gingerbread man and describe it to an adult?

Shhhhh (The lift the flap up book)

Why did we have to be quiet?
Name 2 animals you saw in the book.
What happened at the end of the story?

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

How many chances does the good fairy give Rabbit Foo Foo?
What was Rabbit Foo Foo doing that was bad?
What is another word for 'picking up'?

Billy Goats

How many goats were in the story?
Why did they want to cross the bridge?
How did they get rid of the troll?

Handa's Surprise

Can you name 3 animals in the book?
Where was Handa going?
Why was she surprised at the end of the story?

The Enormous Turnip

Why couldn't the man pull out the turnip?
What is another word for 'very big'?
How did they get the turnip out?