St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Reading and Stories

This is where there will be reading tasks for you to do each week. There will also be some stories uploaded on the YouTube channel for you to listen to. 

Monday 29th June


This week our book is called 'In the Garden'. This is a story about Biff, Kipper, Chip, Wilf and Wilma being shrunk! Listen to the story here: 



The children get shrunk in the story, this means they become smaller. Can you find all the size words in the story? 



Learn spellings for these tricky words: 

said      were     thought 



Can you answer these comprehension questions about In the Garden?

1. Where were the children playing when the key began to glow?

2. Why did everything look big?

3. Who drove the toy car?

4. How did they get away from the cat?

5. Who did Dad think had been eating his strawberries? 



Learn spellings for these tricky words:

thought     call      whole 



At school we use active reading, one of the tools we use is the paintbrush where we paint a picture of what we see when we hear a part of a story. Can you paint a picture for these two sentences? You can use pencils or anything else you have at home. 


"The children came out of the jungle. They came to a mountain."

W.B. Monday 22nd June



Can you answer these questions about the story Jack and the Beanstalk?

1. What animal did Jack and his mother live with?

2. What did the man give Jack?

3. What was at the top of the beanstalk?

4. What did Jack take from the castle?

5. What did Jack's mother do to the beanstalk?



Learn the spellings of these tricky words:

could     thought    great     son 



Draw a Jack and the Beanstalk story map. 



Learn the spellings of these tricky words:

many      here     once     talk 



Act out the story! You could use the bean stalk you made as a prop.

W.B. Monday 15th June

The Enormous Turnip



Comprehension questions, what can you remember about the story?

1. Who planted the turnip seeds?

2. Who helped the little old man first?

3. What was the little boy doing before?

4. Who does the cat belong to?

5. What did the old man invite everyone round for?



Make your own finger puppets of the characters and retell the story!



Fill in the missing words in these sentences: 



Make your own enormous vegetable themed book mark. 



Act out the story with an adult or siblings. Maybe you could ask someone in your house to be the audience.

W.B. Monday 8th June



In the story the seed travels through different places and things. Can you decide which things hurt the tiny seed and which things helped the tiny seed? 



Comprehension Questions

1. What is the first season the book talks about?

2. What happened when the seeds got too close to the sun?

3. What happened to the seeds that landed on the mountain?




When we are at school reading a new story, we zap words when we are not sure what they mean. Read this page of the book, are there any words you can zap? Can you try and work out what they might mean? 




Another active reading tool we use at work is the 'paintbrush'. Read these sentences. Think about the picture it paints in your mind. You can paint or draw this!




Please learn these spellings of red tricky words:

there       their        come         watch

W.B. Monday 1st June


This weeks reading activities will be based around 'The Tiny Seed.'




Comprehension questions: 

1. Which animals eat the seeds?
2. How did the seed travel to different places?
3. What did the seed need to grow?
4. What did the tiny seed blow past?
5. What happened last in the story?



Learn spellings of tricky words: would, watch, water 



Look through the books you have at home. Can you spot any plants or trees in them? You could write these as a list.



Learn spellings of tricky words: anyone, over, who 



Act out the life cycle of a plant from the story. You could start off rolled into a ball as a tiny seed, then grow up and make your arms into your leaves and petals. Whilst you are doing this you could tell the story to an adult or sibling. 


W.B. Monday 18th May


Story: Zog 


This week both our reading and writing activities are based around Zog by Julia Donaldson. 

Listen to the story here:



Pick the rhyming pairs. Here are some words from the book. Can you put these into rhyming pairs? Remember to put on sound buttons to help you spot the same sounds.

Challenge! Listen to the story and find some more rhyming pairs..



Comprehension questions:

1. Who was Madame dragon?

2. Who was the biggest dragon?

3. What did Zog want to be? 

4. What did the Princess want to be?

5. What was the knight's name?



Please log in to Reading Planet and start reading one of your books that your teacher has given to you. 



Fill in the rhyme! Here are the beginnings of some magic spells. Can you fill in a missing word to make them rhyme? Think of the sound in the bold word. 


1. Whirling and twirling,
Put your wand in a box.
Say this magic spell,
To turn into a…


Remember you are thinking of words with 'ox' in, you could use fox, clocks, socks! 


2. Whirling and twirling,
And a tap of my hat.
Say this magic spell,
To turn into a…


3. Whirling and twirling,
A big puff of fog.
Say this magic spell,
To turn into a…


4. Whirling and twirling,
Like you’re mixing a cake.
Say this magic spell,
To turn into a…



Read your book on Reading Planet and answer questions with an adult or sibling for support. 

W.B. Monday 11th May


Story: Tell Me A Dragon

Comprehension questions

Once you have listened to our story this week you can have a go at answering some comprehension questions. 

1. What happens when the dragon that eats flowers laughs?

2. There is a dragon as big as a village. How long is its tail?

3. Which animal does the sea dragon race?

4. Which dragon has a warm heart?

5. What is the ice dragons breath made from?


Book review

What is your favourite book you have read? Write a book review about it. We have done these at school before. 

You can write the title and authors name, why it is your favourite book and which part you like best and you could even draw a picture. 


Reading books online

We have set up Reading Planet so you will have two new books a week, just like at school. This is the same as your BGFL log in. Please email us if you need help using this. 

You can also listen to loads of amazing books on Audible for free by following this link 


Practising tricky words

We are learning our tricky words at the moment. This week practise the red words: 

two        small        love        many        here        buy        worse        thought     talk

W.B. Monday 4th May 


Story time: The Magic Paintbrush 


Comprehension questions:

1. What does Shen's mum ask her to go and fetch?

2. What does Shen draw in the sand? 

3. Write two things that the villagers want Shen to paint.

4. What does the emperor want Shen to paint?

5. How does Shen escape?

6. What do the villagers do when the emperor leaves? 


Rhyming pairs 

Last week you learnt a rhyming song. Julia Donaldson writes in rhyming pairs in her story The Magic Paintbrush. Can you put the words below into rhyming pairs? When you write them make sure you put your sound buttons on to help. 


W.B. Monday 27th April


Act out a story 

Can you act out your favourite story to someone in your house? If you have siblings they could help.

Have a think about the stories we have read at school, you could use one of these.


Draw a story 

Read one of your books. Can you draw it afterwards in the right sequence? Try and draw it using four or more pictures.


Karate Cats

Read the sentences and fill in the missing words using this game.


Learn a rhyming song 

Learn the words to this rhyming song. Spot the rhyming pairs and write them down. Can you think of any other words that rhyme with the 'ee' sound?



W.B. Monday 20th April 


Mrs Kirby has uploaded some fantastic Fred challenges to help you with your phonics and reading. There will be a phonics video for every day to match your challenge so please make sure you do these daily smiley


It would be amazing if you could read to your adult or sibling every day too.


Story time:


Here are some extra reading activities for over the week: 

Create a book mark, you can do this using recycled things from around your house. Get creative! Maybe you could make a book mark for one of your family members. 


Listen to the story Jack and the Beanstalk this book has a castle as one of the settings, can you work out the different settings in the story? You could write these down. You could also write down the characters. 



Can you find the 8 words within this word search?

Week beginning Monday 30th March 



What is your favourite book? Have a think about all the wonderful books we have learnt about and pick your favourite. You could even write a sentence about why afterwards.


Can you draw a picture from your favourite book? Send the picture to your teacher to see if they can guess what your favourite book is.



Can you read 3 pages of one of the books you took home to an adult. You could also make a list of the characters from the book.


Can you make some puppets of the characters from your book? You can draw them on paper and then cut them out. 


Can you use your story puppets to retell the story to an adult or your brothers and sisters? 


Story time:

The Day the Crayons Quit