St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Remote learning week beginning 12/07/21

If you are at home isolating, you must complete the following work. Complete the lessons for each day they are set as this is what we will be covering in school. Scroll down the page to see each subject and the lessons you have to do. Remember to save your work on BGFL or send in a picture of your work to us. 



In maths this week we are continuing our work on geometry, looking specifically at symmetry of 2D shapes. Watch the videos that accompany each worksheet before you complete them as they will support you with your understanding of the concepts and language that you come across within this unit.


Monday - horizontal and vertical.

Most of you will be familiar with terms horizontal and vertical when we covered our unit on coordinates earlier this term. Today you will be going into how they are used to describe the properties of shapes and in symmetry.

Video link:  

Worksheet 1:


Tuesday - Investigating lines of symmetry

In today's lesson you will learn how to identify and draw lines of symmetry for a range of 2D shapes and other images. You will be introduced to the terms reflection, mirror lines, position, vertex (corners) and distance to help you do this accurately. Watch this video and then complete the sheet. You may find it easier to print it out so you can draw directly on to the sheet.

Video link:

Worksheet 2:


Wednesday - Lines of symmetry 2

Watch the following video and then complete the worksheet below;

Video link:

Worksheet 3:


Thursday - Symmetrical figures 

Today you will continue your work on symmetry. You will need to use your knowledge of horizontal and vertical to help you with this.

Video link:

Worksheet 4:


Friday - end of geometry unit assessment 

Complete the following assessment to see how good your geometry skills are.

Worksheet 5:



Monday - Persuasive writing 

Write a short persuasive paragraph encouraging people to support Water Aid, using some of the facts and information you have been gathering over the past week. This will form part of your poster so it needs to be really effective to have an impact on the reader. Remember to use the features of persuasive writing that we also looked a last week: Expanded noun phrases, repetition, imperative verbs, emotive language and rhetorical questions. Once you have completed this, send it in to us to have a look at.


Tuesday - Friday - Persuasive posters

For the rest of this week, you will start putting together and creating your own persuasive posters. You must include the organisation’s logo, some hard-hitting facts, emotive language and images and the graphs that compared the rainfall in Cape Town and Birmingham. You can also include an if, if, if, then sentence if you are feeling really confident. Think about how you want to set your poster out.  You will continue this for the rest of the week and should have a completed poster by Friday to share with the rest of the class. Remind yourself of why the work of Water Aid is so important by visiting their website and reading all about their efforts to make safe, clean water accessible for everyone. If you are at home and find it easier to create your poster on Power Point you can do that instead. Just remember to save and send it to us.


Water Aid link:


Topic - Geography: Africa's amazing wildlife

In Geography we want you to investigate and explore Africa’s amazing wildlife. How many animals or birds can you name that are native to Africa? Once you have carried out some research we would like you draw/sketch a picture of one of your favourite creatures and send it in to us. You can also create a fact file about some of the animals you come across with information about their habitats, diet and appearance.

Video links:


RE : Eid ul Adha

Next week millions of Muslims around the world will be celebrating the festival of Eid ul Adha, following the holy pilgrimage of Hajj. Watch the following video and then have a go at making an Eid card.

Video link: https://


Spanish - Names of pets

Watch this video about pets and see how many of their names you can learn in Spanish.

Video link: