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World Book Day - Kate Bush Wuthering Heights 13.3.23

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights 

Catherine "Kate" Bush (born 30 July 1958) was born in Kent in England and grew up with her family who loved music (and also karate!). At the age of 11 she taught herself piano and started to write her own songs.   


Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush was inspired by Emily Bronte’s 1847 novel. She saw the last 10 minutes of a TV version of the book and then decided to read it. She discovered she shared the same birthday as the author. 


About ten years later, she was inspired to turn it into a song and in the early hours of 5 March 1977, when she was just 18, she wrote her own Wuthering Heights (although she’d already written over a hundred songs by this point). The song is sung as if she was the main character Catherine Earnshaw, pleading at Heathcliff's window to be allowed in. It quotes Catherine's words, including the chorus lyric "Let me in! I'm so cold!" and "Bad dreams in the night". Kate Bush recorded her vocals in one take. With this track, she became the first female artist to have written a number one hit in the UK. 


In the video she made, she used her interpretive dance (which she had studied at college) to tell the song. It might look a bit odd to today's audiences but at the time, Kate was thought to be experimental and really exciting to listen to and watch. 

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights - Official Music Video - Version 1