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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Design and Technology


At St John's we follow a topic-based curriculum. Our scheme is designed to prepare children for a continuously changing world. We feel that our scheme encourages children to become creative problem solvers both as individuals and as part of a team. Through the study of Design Technology children combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues in order to design, make and evaluate products. Not only will our children develop their skills and vocabulary but also in living out values such as resilience We want all our children to become informed consumers, potential innovators and risk takers. Design Technology is taught in each year group throughout the academic year. We believe that high-quality lessons will inspire children to think critically, independently, innovatively and develop creative, procedural and technical understanding.



The teaching of Design Technology across St John's follows the National Curriculum through:

  • well-resourced use of the Design and Technology association scheme/planning, as well as bespoke projects specific to our school.
  • breadth of learning from EYFS to KS2, where knowledge and skills are developed progressively.
  • cross curricular links where children are encouraged to apply other skills e.g. maths. Food technology is linked in with Science and PSHER learning on a varied and healthy diet.
  • delivery that shows clarity in a wider process: research,
  • design, make and evaluate.
  • collaborative learning, where children work together towards goals, exploring different roles within a team.
  • explicit teaching of vocabulary for each unit/project.
  • the teaching awareness of health and safety issues related to the tasks undertaken.

At St John's we are dedicated to teaching and delivering high a quality Design and Technology curriculum, through fun and purposeful projects and experiences.


We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods: 

  •  Assessing children's understanding of topic linked vocabulary before and after the unit is taught.
  • Images and videos of the children's practical learning.
  • Interviewing the pupils about their learning (pupil voice) and asking key assessment questions to a range of children.
  • Annual reporting of standards across the curriculum.
  • Measuring assessment standards against written evidence in learning journals.

Design and Technology Overview

Year Group Design and Technology Topic Based Overviews

Progression of Design and Technology at Our School

Design and Technology 2021/22

Design and Technology 2021/22

Year 2: Design, make and evaluate a shelter for a toy penguin to keep the penguin dry in the winter.

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We have been using our Design and Technology Skills at Home!

Design Technology at a Glance 2020/21

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Design and Technology is all around us!

Try some of these cool projects at home:


  • Help a grown up with some DIY around the house. 
  • What materials were used to build your house? Can you design and make your house using different materials?

Design and Make a Model using Recyclable Materials

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Design and Make a Bird House

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Make a Lego Model

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  • Make a card for a friend including a lever.
  • Help to make a meal with someone in your family.