St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

St John's CE Curriculum Materials

The curriculum of any school is vitally important. It gives the children knowledge, skills and attitudes. It sets the tone for the development of a child's character and their view of the world.


There is so much to teach children, and so many viewpoints from which to teach it. How do we ensure that our children are learning about the most important things? And how do we explain that there is always more than one way to understand a situation? How do we prioritise what should be taught and when? As parents, we know that children learn from imitating us. They repeat things we do and say, and they often show us the best and worst of ourselves.


Our curriculum is designed to be holistic: the ethos of the school pervades it; the adults in the school live it; and most importantly, the children in the school are learning how to learn through it.