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Read Write Inc (letter sound activities)

Learning Set 1 sounds


These are the Set 1 Speed Sounds written with one letter: 

m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  r  j  v  y  w  z  x

These are the sounds written with two letters (your child will call these ‘special friends’):

sh  th  ch  qu  ng  nk  ck

Check if your child can read these sounds. Make sure they say sounds like ‘mmm’, not letter names like ‘em’. Watch the Sound Pronunciation Guide video to help you.



  • Join in the Set 1 Speed Sounds live lessons by Ruth Miskin Training, Monday to Friday, at 9.30am (GMT). You can sign up to either via this Facebook page or  YouTube channel. The films are each available for 24 hours after the live lesson.*



  • Complete the Speed Sounds practice sheets for the Speed Sounds they have learnt. You can use the handwriting sheet we gave out earlier in the year for this.
  • Your child is learning to recognise words containing Set 1 Speed Sounds by sound blending. Sounding out words on a regular basis will help them. E.g if you see a cat say "Look a c-a-t cat". This will prepare them for learning to read. 

    m-a-t mat

    c-a-t cat

    g-o-t got

    f-i-sh fish            
    s-p-o-t spot

    b-e-s-t best

What is phonics?

This is a parent support video to explain a little more about (Read Write Inc) Phonics at St John's.

Nursery follow Letters and Sounds Phase 1 for speaking and listening activities then move on to Read Write Inc (letter sounds) Set 1.

Set 1 sounds

Here you will find out how to pronounce each sound.

Video includes resource suggestion that we recommend for home.