St John's C of E Primary School


TODAY'S MESSAGE - Wednesday 1st April 2020


Hello lovely Year 5 pupils!


I hope everyone is well J It’s been so lovely catching up with you guys on Teams and by phone this week! Please do keep in touch – remember we are here to answer any questions about learning, but we’re also here to talk about anything else you might like to chat about!


I’ve put a few more suggested activities than last week, but only because some people told me that they were keen for a bit more variety.  You do NOT, I repeat, do NOT have to do them all!


We will still say hi and give you new (optional!) challenges each day so keep checking!


Remember – the most important thing is that you are healthy and happy. We love to see your work, but we certainly don’t expect everyone to complete everything! J


Weekly Project (Science):

One of our remaining topics this year is SPACE! Please complete a project on J2e5 about The Solar System. Espresso and BBC Bitesize are great places to begin your research J


Suggested daily activities this week:


PE: You could carry on with Joe Wickes’ AMAZING PE classes like last week! Another great thing to try is Cosmic Yoga!


PSHE: Remember to look after your mental health by doing things you enjoy! This painting activity by the Tate Modern in London is pretty cool to keep you entertained There’s also a great ‘explore’ section of the website for the budding artists among you! I think making your own board game could be fun, too :




  1. Multiples: Practise knowledge of multiples by placing them into this Carroll diagram.


      2. Times tables: Good old TT Rockstars! It really is awesome J


      3. Problem solving: This link is really cool for anyone who feels like a bit of a CHALLENGE (i.e. DO NOT worry if you find it hard!) You click on the area of maths you want to practice (e.g. fractions of shapes) and it takes you to a set of old SATs questions. Next to each question is a ‘Youtube’ button, which will take you straight to a video explaining how to do the question!


      4. You could have a go at the first 2 pages of multi-step problems in your home learning pack (if you didn’t get one, you can download it here:



  1. Continue reading your reading book – a little each day.
  2. At the beginning of the week -  write a short review on J2e5 detailing your likes and dislikes about the book so far. Bonus points to anyone who can justify their opinion with examples from the text! End with a prediction about what will happen next…
  3. At the end of the week – let me know if your predictions were correct!
  4. You could try the dinosaur comprehension in your home learning pack (if you didn't get one, you can download it here )



  1. Keep practicing those Year 5 spellings using all the strategies we use in school – like pyramid words and drawing around the word! (For anyone who doesn’t have the list, I will put a list up in the files section on teams)
  2. Play on Spelling Frame! J



  1. Continue/begin writing daily diaries about this historic time we are living in.
  2. Make a plan for a story you may wish to write over the coming few weeks! Perhaps one day have a think about the genre. Then the next day you could plan the setting – perhaps by drawing a picture or writing a short description. The next day you could plan your main character – again perhaps by drawing a picture of them or writing a short description about them.




1) Monkey Symphony: Watch the following video and rewrite the story as a retelling or write a poem from the perspective of one of the monkeys.



2) Book review: We want to find out all about the book you are currently reading! Write a book review about it! You could include what's good about it? What's not so good? Why? Which character is your favourite? Where is the story set? What is the book about? Does it remind you of any other stories? You could also use the template in the back of your reading log to help you.


Message us if you need any anything.

Keep smiling!

Mrs Large, Mrs Iffat, Miss Poole, Ms Lyne and Mrs Hussain.