St John's C of E Primary School

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Staffing update: EYFS

Dear Early Years Parents/Carers,


I realise that I haven’t updated you on the staffing situation in Nursery and Reception over the last few weeks. I do apologise. I should’ve explained the situation sooner.

Due to maternity leave and illness, we have had some difficulties in staffing in the Early Years. We try really hard to use supply staff that we know and who fit the ethos of our school. If a member of staff is off for a prolonged period, we try and keep the staff the same so that the children get to know them. However, occasionally this isn’t possible, and we have to use short term supply staff from an agency or move staff around in school. This is why you might have seen a few unfamiliar faces.



The Nursery staff all work with all the children. They have a small group time when they eat their snack with the same adult each day. This might be Green group, Red group or Blue group. However, Mrs Smith does not just work with the children in her group. She works with all the children in the Nursery and writes the reports for them all.


The staff in Nursery (morning) are:

  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Beasmore
  • Ms Bibi

The staff in Nursery (afternoon) are:

  • Mrs Smith
  • Miss Fleming
  • Ms Bibi


On a Monday and Tuesday, we also have Mrs Khan in both morning and afternoon Nursery.

On a Wednesday, we have Miss Musa in both morning and afternoon Nursery.



The Teaching Assistants in Reception are based in one class, but actually work across both classes and will support all 60 children.

The Teachers in Reception only work with the children in their class.


The staff in RH are:

  • Miss Hobbs (Teacher)
  • Mrs Beasmore (in the afternoon)
  • Mrs N Begum (in the morning)


The staff in RA are:

  • Miss Abernethy (Teacher)
  • Miss Fleming (in the morning)
  • Mrs B Begum (in the afternoon)


Over the last few weeks we have had a lot of staff absence due to sickness, maternity leave and hospitalisation. This has meant using staff across the Early Years phase, so you might have seen Reception staff in Nursery and the other way around!


The teachers in all the classes are the same and we are very approachable, so please feel free to ask if you want to know who anybody is.


I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour