St John's C of E Primary School

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Parents' Evening feedback

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to all that gave feedback about the KS2 parents' evening in the hall.

A massive 93% of you said that you preferred the meeting in the hall. Most people were happy with a bell ringing every 5 minutes as it meant that appointments were on time, and the vast majority of you felt that your conversation with the teacher was more private- which was much better.

We had comments like:

"Flowed better and was much quicker than usual. Definitely more private."

"Good open space for discussions to take place."

"I think it went smoothly and you could have a more one to one conversation. In the past i have wanted to discuss other things about my child but due to too many people in the room i have had to hold back. The bell was a good idea too."

"That no one can hear anything about my child. The fact that it was timed"

"There is more privacy in the hall. Loved the hall idea."

A couple of people found it difficult to hear the teacher talking because of background noise, and a comment was also made about the number of children that were in the hall:

"Children were interacting with wider school children rather than being restricted to their own class only. However, the hall did appear to be a bit too busy."

"It was too busy and many people. Even I couldn’t hear the teacher's voice. I prefer it in class more than in the hall."

We will organise these evenings in the hall in the future, as a result of your feedback. Whilst we appreciate we will never be able to organise something that suits everybody, we will take this feedback on board when planning future events to see if it can be improved further.

Thank you again for your feedback: I really want to make these events work for you.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour