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Year 6 - Permission to use childs photo in a class photo & feedback on leavers hoodie or t-shirt

The following was sent out via parentmail forms, but if you do not use the parentmail app, you can answer these questions by sending us an e-mail, using


Dear Year 6 Parents

It won't be long until the end of term for your child in year 6.  For the last few years, we have been giving the option to order 'leavers hoodies or t-shirts' from Clive Marks.

The children usually would have also had a class photograph taken in May.  As school has been closed the photographers have come up with an idea of creating a class photo, with your child's individual photo that was taken in November 2019.  I'm told that each child's head and shoulders would be put in a box, to create a class photo.  If we get the majority of parents giving permission for their child's photograph to be used, then we will be able to ask Aperture to make up and send you the photo sample.

We would be very grateful if you could complete the following (ensuring you choose either No or Yes) by 10th June 2020, to enable us to act on what the majority of you say.


1. Leavers class photo

Are you happy for your child's individual photo to be used in the class photo ?



2. Class Photo

Do you think you would buy this class photo, size 12x8 ?  The cost range from £12 to £25 & you will only be able to do this online with a debit card.



4. Class Photo Distribution

Due to the current Covid19 situation, the photographers have offered to post each photo to your homes, however this will incur an additional fee of £3.50.  Would this put you off, buying one?



5. Class photo collection

If you could avoid paying the £3,50 postage, would you be happy to collect this from St Johns CE Primary School?



6. Leavers Hoodie or T-Shirt

Would you like to purchase a leavers hoodie or t-shirt?  They would have the St Johns school embroided logo on the left hand side of the front of the item and have the words in yellow large text, 'Leavers 20' on the back.  The t-shirts should cost around £11-13 and the hoodies £16-£19.



7. Feedback

Feel free to give us you feedback in the following text box.  If you have answered No to any of the above questions, you might want to tell us why this is, but of course you don't have to.


Kinds regards


Mrs Clifford-Chapman

Office Manager