St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

We are open next week... and have a non-uniform day!

School is open next week on Monday 24th July and Tuesday 25th July for children in Reception to Year 6.

Children will go home at 1pm on the Tuesday.

There is a bit of confusion with parents as some local schools are closing on Friday.

Birmingham City Council set the dates and this term goes on until Tuesday 25th July for all schools however, some schools may be using INSET days on the Monday and the Tuesday so their children are not in. We have used all of our INSET days already for staff training and so we are going on right to the end!

Monday 24th July is our 'St John's has got Talent' Show. We are going to have a non-uniform day to celebrate it. Please send your child in with a donation of £1 so that they can wear their own clothes. (If you have more than one child, you can donate £1.50 per family).

Best wishes,

Mrs Hedges

Head Teacher