St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Thinking ahead to September...

Dear parents and carers,

I know we are enjoying the end of term and looking forward to the holidays but a lot of people like to be super organised and start shopping for next September straight away. Here are some things you need to think about so that you don’t spend money on the wrong thing.

I’ll send another letter out nearer the end of the holiday for those people who are more like me and leave it to the last minute!


We have worked really hard to make sure children are in the right uniform this term. It has been hard for some as they bought the wrong things and so we have let some things go, but have warned the children there is no excuse for September. Here is a link to a list of all the uniform. If you scroll down the link, it is also in photo form so you can stand in the shop and make sure you have the right thing. (And if your children argue with you, point at the list and say ‘Mrs Hedges says…’)

Here are the two things that your child may need reminding:

  • Every child needs a tie. Please don’t share one between the children in your family – it makes your child feel really anxious if they don’t have one on. You can buy them from Clive Marks or from the office. Ours are slightly cheaper so get in there now before term ends.
  • No boots or trainers to be worn with school uniform. Trainers are allowed on PE days (any colour). Lots of children have started wearing ankle boots. Please don’t buy them for school uniform. Our rule has always been black shoes.

Bags and pencil cases

Children have started to bring in huge backpacks and pencil cases full of expensive pens and poppits and toys… we just don’t have the space for everything and the children don’t need them. We are also finding that all or our school equipment is getting taken home by accident in pencil cases from home, and we cannot afford to replace it.

Next term, all your child needs is a book bag or a small bag to bring their reading book in. We will give each child a pencil case with all the stationery they need in. The only other thing your child needs is a water bottle. Make sure they bring this every day with fresh water in (not squash).

School day

Children start back on Wednesday 6th September. The first bell rings at 8.40am and the second will ring at 8.45am. We expect all children to be in school by 8.45am. This term some children are coming in at 9am and it is too late. We have started lessons or are in collective worship by then. We will always welcome your children in, but they can feel anxious and embarrassed to walk in late. Also, they miss out on key learning time. Please try really hard next term to get your families to school on time.

School prospectus

If there is anything about school that you are unsure about then come and ask us in the next couple of days or have a look at our school prospectus. It has information about everything and anything to do with St John's.

St John's School prospectus 2023 - 24

Best wishes,

Mrs Hedges

Head Teacher