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Stars of the Week, An Apology and Headteacher Update: 9.5.20

Stars of the Week and Weekly News: Headteacher update 9.5.20

Dear Parents,

I hope that this email finds you and your families safe and well.

I am really sorry that this week’s Stars of the Week video is not on YouTube yet. Some of the children know that they are this week’s star, and will have been waiting to see it and hear their name. I feel dreadful that I’ve let them down. I worked really hard on it, but I just kept getting “Error” when I tried to upload to YouTube yesterday. I think I may have to start again today but I want the children to know that they haven’t been forgotten.

Here are this week’s Stars of the Week:


Zakariya- for amazing progress in his speech, and for holding his mum and dad’s hand when they go out.

Aiman- for his writing, especially his incredible shopping list.

Zayyan- for incredible improvements in speaking and fabulous drawings and yummy cookie baking.

Munaam- for wonderful number writing and making beautiful animals out of 2D shapes.


RB: Aaira- for completing her challenges every week, and her beautiful writing.

RH: Wahib- for fantastic number work and counting back from 20 independently.

Year 1:

1Q: Owais- for a super model of a castle.

1S: Hawwa- for a fabulous dragon puppet.

Year 2:

2B: Muhammad- for amazing work in Maths.

2F: Abubakr- for great work in Geography looking at physical and human features, and reading relief, population and vegetation maps of Australia.

Year 3:

3S: Abhi- for his hard work and dedication to learning at home.

3K: Amelia- for excellent descriptive writing.

Year 4:

4A: Iqra- for her incredible story: “King of the Wolves”.

4KL: Aliviyah- for excellent art work in the style of Gaudi.

Year 5:

5I: Sophia -for a creative moon buggy, complete with alien!

5L: Maria- for working so hard to complete her home learning every day.

Year 6:

6S: Arfa- for brilliant work in Science.

6W: Azlan- for making such a big effort to complete his work every day.


I want to remind you that the very best thing you can do for your children to support their learning is to read with them and to them. This helps build their vocabulary, their understanding of grammar and punctuation, and their comprehension skills.

If you are not a confident reader yourself, there are many places where you can access stories being read for children.

You can listen to famous actors reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone here: The first chapter is being read by Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry in the movies.

You can also listen to audiobooks on Audible for free, the duration of school closure here:

Mrs Kirby leads English at St John’s and she has worked hard in the last year and a half to improve our teaching and the children’s learning. She has recorded several lessons for parents on our YouTube channel-particularly explaining how phonics works, and how to read with your child. Check them out here:

Finally, there is a lot of speculation in the press about schools reopening. I just want to let you know that no official announcements have been made and as soon as they are, I will write to you. Every date that we hear on the news through “leaks” are rumours. Headteachers have been assured that we will be given enough notice to ensure schools are safe and ready to open, and we have been told nothing yet, so please don’t worry.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour