St John's C of E Primary School

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School Re-opening Part 2

Information about re-opening: part 2

Dear Parents and Children,

Yesterday I told you about “bubbles” and how the government plans for schools to operate with children in groups of 15 or less. Now that you are experts in “bubbles”, I’ll tell you about “pinch points”.

TODAY’S TOPIC: What is a “pinch point”?

A pinch point is a place where there is not enough room for children (or parents/ staff) to pass each other without getting closer than 2 metres. It’s a place where there might usually be a queue, or a “traffic jam” of people.

What’s the problem with Pinch Points?

A pinch point is a place where it is impossible to maintain social distance, and this makes it easier for the virus to be passed on.

What does this look like in real life?

The biggest pinch point at St John’s is undoubtably home time. Lots of the children and teachers are bunched together on the steps, and the parents are all bunched together waiting for the children to come out. If you have ever collected your child at 3.15pm, you will know what a squash it can be. Imagine how easy it would be for the virus to spread in these conditions.

There are other times of the day within school when we see pinch points. For example: the foyer outside the main office is often very busy with parents at the start and end of the day; children queue into collective worship; the queue at the main doors in the morning; lines of children passing each other in the corridors, queuing for lunch, etc.

What can we do about Pinch Points?

We are doing several things:

  1. Using different entrances and exits for different bubbles.
  2. Having a one-way system in place for the outside areas- main park gate for coming in; Stratford Road gate for going out.
  3. Removing furniture from certain areas.
  4. Minimising the movement of children around the school.
  5. Children having their lunch brough to them in their classroom- rather than queuing in the hall.
  6. Asking parents/carers to stay outside- we will be asking you to contact school via phone/ email rather than face to face.
  7. Staggering arrival and home times.

We have tried hard to anticipate all the pinch points, but when we have children in next week, we will probably find that there are other things that we will need to change or improve. We will keep you informed of these changes if they are necessary.

Anything else I should know?

There are lots of other things that are changing. I’ll send you more information tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour