St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Parent Governor Election

Dear Parents,

There are three parents who have expressed an interest in becoming a school governor.

If you would like to vote, please come to the school office and ask for a ballot paper.

  • You can only vote once.
  • The vote in anonymous.
  • You will be asked to sign to say that you have voted.

Candidate 1: Faiza Khan

1.Why would you like to become a School Governor?

My name is Faiza Khan. I have been a Parent Governor of our wonderful school for the last 4 years. I would like to be re-elected so I can continue my role.

I am passionate about our children's education and committed to improving outcomes in both education, mental health and well being, as well as financial performance. I have great inter-personal skills and a willingness to learn.

I look forward to hearing from parents as I am approachable and accessible before and after school.

If you vote for me I promise to commit to continuous school improvement for all.

2.Specialist Knowledge:

Some of the things I have been part of over the past four years are :-

* Curriculum Committee: helping to assess and improve the school curriculum and raise standards in English and Maths

* Children's emotional well-being and mental health

* Developing the PSHER (Personal Social Health Economic and Relationships Education) curriculum in school.

* Stay and play (before Covid hit us).... hoping to bring it back this year!

* I’ve attended a course in 'Ofsted inspections' run by National Governance Association

* Taken an online college course provided by National Governance Association

I am a former pupil of St. John’s myself, and having 5 children at St. John’s school over the past 11 years has given me the opportunity to build strong relationships with parents and staff.

3.Why do you think your skills and experience will make you an effective School Governor?

Being a governor has helped me to gain a further insight into school governance. I have learnt so much and by taking part in specialist training and I have been able to enhance my ability to perform the role.

My experience and confidence in communicating with the families of the local community has given me an insight of what the school needs and a deeper understanding of parents' worries and concerns.


Candidate 2: Deborah Mahon

1.Why would you like to become a School Governor?

I have worked within an education setting for over 20 years. I am passionate about

education, which is reflected in my career choice. As a parent of a child who attends St John’s, I am equally passionate about the quality that St John’s delivers. In addition to my work experience, I have life experience with learning hurdles due to my own struggle with dyslexia. I can empathise with all ranges of learning abilities and am familiar with available support resources.

I am empathetic, a great communicator, and can easily advocate for others. Personally, I have relationships with people of different cultures and religions. I am able to recognise and champion cultural diversity. Being where the school is located, it is important to understand and accept differing views and cultural sensitivities.

2.Specialist Knowledge:

As an educator I have had in-depth training in working with children and young people. I have a basic knowledge of Makaton (basic sign language) and have taken many courses on safeguarding, child protection as well as food hygiene.

3.Why do you think your skills and experience will make you an effective School Governor?

My personal and professional experience places me in a great position to offer parents and the governing board support to ensure high standards of achievement for all children, whilst contributing towards the school’s future and culture.

As a Mum to a child in Reception, I want to see the school succeed and flourish. Through my employment I have assisted on class trips, issued and taken on board feedback and remained committed to the needs of the children I teach. I can apply these skills to help St John’s and its students reach their full potential.

I grew up in Sparkhill and Sparkbrook, I know the area and I am aware of its demographics. St John’s is a faith school and at the core is their golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated and love for our neighbour, (or fellow human being). I am committed to inclusion and diversity, to encompass all faiths at St John’s and what the school means to everyone. I want to ensure that all of our children gain the confidence and security needed to face the world and the future that awaits them.


Candidate 3: Sadiq Miah

1. Why would you like to become a School Governor?

My child has recently joined St John's Primary School during term. This I feel makes us feel a little disconnected from our son’s education and school environment. Becoming a governor would help us both integrate and help direct the future of the school.

2. Specialist Knowledge:

I have worked in early years education all the way to PhD level both locally and internationally since 2010. I am experienced working with socially and economically disadvantaged youth and their parents. I have founded/co-founded multiple award-winning international youth organisations that promote scholarship, leadership and action. (Empowering Asia, Youth for Latin America, Future Voices International) These grassroots level projects have taken me across the globe and given me the chance to teach and work with a vast variety of young people and their peers. With the primary goal of designed and implementation of education programmes that can be cascaded onto future students.

3.Why do you think your skills and experience will make you an effective School Governor?

I grew up and live in Birmingham, originating from Sparkbrook and went to Moseley secondary school, so know the area well and feel I can be an effective communicator to fellow parents.