St John's C of E Primary School

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Next year's teachers

Dear Parents,


As promised yesterday, here is the list of teachers for next year. Each class has a link next to it- this takes you to a book that will show your child what their new class or year group will be like.


We are lucky to have such a strong staff for next year and I hope that we will be able to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

I have not listed all the staff here- only the Class Teachers. Our website will have the full staff list under the “About Us” tab, including Special Educational Needs staff and Teaching Assistants.


Teachers for Academic Year 2020-21.


Miss Benton, Miss Holt, Mrs Ellahi and Mrs Ibbetson


Miss Abernethy (RA)

Miss Hobbs (RH)

Year 1:

RH is becoming 1S with Miss O’Sullivan

RB is becoming 1N with Miss Cowan (4 days) Mrs Harborne (1 day)

Year 2:

1S is becoming 2B with Mrs Bata

1Q are becoming 2F with Miss Forrest

Year 3:

2B are becoming 3HE with Mrs Hudson-Evans (4 days), Miss Poole (1 day)

2F are becoming 3S with Mrs Smith

Year 4:

3K are becoming 4A with Miss Kirk

3S are becoming 4F with Mrs Akhtar

Year 5:

4A are becoming 5L with Mrs Large (4 days), Miss Poole (1 day)

4KL are becoming 5K with Miss King

Year 6:

5I are becoming 6H with Mrs Hughes

5L are becoming 6W with Mrs Wale

The Senior Leadership Team:

Mrs Seymour: Headteacher

Mrs Hedges: Deputy Headteacher

Ms Lyne: Upper School Leader (Y 4,5 and 6), Safeguarding Lead, Maths Lead

Mrs Kirby: Lower School Leader (Y 1,2 and 3), English Lead

Mrs Harborne: Early Years Leader (Nursery and Reception)

Mrs Ringham: SENDCo

Senior leaders will be working hard to run catch-up groups and fill any gaps in education that have occurred because of lockdown.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour