St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Latest Christmas news

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I would like to update you on some of the things that are happening around school over the next couple of weeks. With all the restrictions currently in place in schools, it feels as if lots of the end of term fun has been lost. However, we are determined to do what we can to celebrate after a long term in which the children have worked really hard.

1. The Classroom Christmas Fayre

Because of Covid restrictions, we are not able to have our usual Christmas fayre. However, we are determined to give the children some fun and raise some money for school fund. Children can't come to the fayre so we have decided to take the fayre to the children!

Every day, the children can purchase small items as they would have done at the fayre. They do not have to bring money, but if they would like to, they can bring a little bit of money in. None of the items are highly priced- most things are £1 or less. We will be using this money for new books.

2. Christmas cards

I attended a virtual briefing this week, chaired by Dr Justin Varney who heads up Birmingham's Public Health strategy. He was asked whether children should be sending Christmas cards at school this year and he advised that it was safer not to do so. It makes me genuinely sad to say this, but as a result of this advice, please don't bring Christmas cards into school. Dr Varney explained that although the risk of catching Covid through the post was small, this is because of the time it takes between somebody posting the letter, and it being received by you at home. He thought that children passing cards around at school presented an avoidable risk. If you really want to send a card, please send one to the whole class. This can then be displayed for all the children to see.

3. Christmas Jumper Day.

On Thursday 17th December, we are having our school Christmas lunch. We would like to celebrate by asking children to wear a Christmas jumper. If you do not have a Christmas jumper, please don't feel that you need to buy one. Anything bright, smart or sparkly will do. We want children to wear the rest of their uniform- the only change will be the jumper. If your daughter wears a dress, she can wear the jumper over the top of the dress. Boys and girls that wear school trousers or a school skirt should just wear the jumper over their school shirt rather than their normal school jumper.

Christmas party day:

On Friday 18th December, children will be celebrating in their classrooms. They will be able to wear party clothes that day. We will be providing a snack and drink, playing some party games and doing some Christmas crafts. We would like to ask for a £1 donation (or £1.50 per family) to help us raise some funds for new books.

Last day of term is Friday 18th December. We will be finishing at midday, but staggering home times. Please watch out for information on the timings of the collection.

Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour