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Feeling Afraid at Home?

Dear Parents,

As we enter week 4 of lock-down, you may be feeling some of the benefits of a slower pace of life. I know that I am spending more time cooking, gardening and playing games with the children. I have taken the time to appreciate the blossom appearing on the trees, the flowers beginning to bloom and the sound of bird song.


However, for many of us, this is also a very stressful time. We are worried about all sorts of things: our health and the health of our loved ones; money; our jobs, food. We may be dealing with a house full of children who are getting bored, and we may have the added stress of trying to work from home whilst also looking after children.


All of these worries and the fact that families are stuck at home together, can lead to small disagreements turning into bigger ones. It can lead to arguments and shouting within the family home. But it should never lead to violence. During the last three weeks, calls to domestic abuse helplines have increased by 25% as people cannot escape from abusive partners.


Whatever the stresses people are under, it is never acceptable to be made to feel frightened in your own home and the government have emphasised that it is ok to leave your house if this is the case, despite lockdown. They have also advised that we share with you the number of the National Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247, which can be called, free and in confidence, 24 hours a day.


Further information and advice about domestic abuse can be found here:


If you are frightened of somebody that lives with you, there is help out there. If you cannot phone the number above, email us at and tell us. We will help you.


With very best wishes,

Mrs Seymour