St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

End of Year Reports

Dear Parents/Carers,


Your child will be bringing home their end of year report today.


As you are aware from previous emails, we track the children's progress throughout their time at school. Assessments of children take different forms, depending on the age and developmental stage of the child. We use tests, work in books, observations of children and Teacher Assessments to determine the attainment of a child. We want all of our children to achieve as well as they possibly can. Ofsted and the DfE rate schools according to the progress that children make, so it is a priority of all schools to ensure children perform as well as possible.


This is the second year in which children across the world have seen their education disrupted, and this period is being referred to nationally, as a phase of recovery. Having said that, many of the children in our school have still attained highly. This is because they worked very hard over the lockdown periods: they joined every meeting, completed all the work that was set, and worked on all the tasks the teachers put on the website. Many of our children are not substantially behind, and have reached their end of year targets. This shows how effective our Home Learning was, and reflects how hard both staff and children (and a lot of parents!) have worked since coming back to school in March.


Teachers use the following terms when talking about a child's attainment:

- A child is working below age-related expectations (This means that the child has gaps in their learning and is working on learning from previous year groups)

- A child is working towards age-related expectations (The child is working within the curriculum for their age, but isn't yet secure in their understanding of it)

-A child is working at age-related expectations (The child has learned as much as a typical child of their age should have learned)

-A child is working above age-related expectation (The child has a higher than average level of understanding of the curriculum in their year group)


As I have said previously, we are using our DfE catch-up funding to subsidise tuition before and after school, and to employ an additional member of teaching staff to work with children throughout the school day. These catch up groups will continue next year.


Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour