St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

A new start


Seeing Mrs Seymour leave on Friday was a really sad day for St John's. She has been a truly inspirational Head Teacher and it was so touching to see all of the children, friends and families of St John's come together to say goodbye and wish her well. 


I am now going to take on the role of Head Teacher which is a great honour as I have been part of the St John's family for 18 years (just typing that makes me feel old!). Quite a few parents have come to talk to me about what will change. I understand how anxious it can make people feel when things are different. Nothing will really change though when the children return to school on Tuesday April 18th. The uniform is the same, the teachers are the same, the timings are the same, the curriculum is the same, the purpose of the school is the same. I have worked at St John's for so long because I love the school - I haven't come across another school that I would rather work at! I have worked closely with Mrs Seymour for years, building the vision of the school. We were always in agreement that the purpose of the school was to serve the children, the families and the community; they are placed at the heart of the school.


Things will of course change over time - they always do. But any changes will be made because they will improve the experiences, quality of life and aspirations of our children. If you have any worries or concerns though, please come and speak to staff. We always make ourselves available at the start and the end of the day so that you can come and talk to us. 


When we start back after the Easter holidays, I am really keen for the children to start afresh and be ready for the Summer Term. We are going to look at how each one of us can become 'the best version of ourselves'. One way you can help your child with this is by making sure their uniform is smart. If a child takes pride in their appearance, they are more likely to take pride in their work and in their behaviour. It is these high standards that prepare our children for their lives ahead.


I am sending this letter now so that you have two weeks to make sure they have all of the right clothing. I know that the cost of living is rising and so we want to make sure any uniform prices can be kept as low as possible. You don't have to buy clothing with a logo on and (no matter what your child tells you) they don't need the most expensive trainers. I am attaching a sheet with pictures of what you need or don't need but here are the main things that children are trying to get away with!

• From reception to Year 6, each child needs a school tie 

• Shoes should be black flat-heeled school shoes - trainers and boots (even ankle boots) are not allowed

• Leggings are not permitted under school uniform- if you wish your child’s legs to be covered please use trousers or tights.

• PE kit can only be work on PE days. If your child has after school club, they bring the kit to school to change into. Trainers can be worn on PE day - it doesn't matter what colour they are.

• PE kit should only be navy blue or black joggers or leggings. Your child can have a royal blue school hoodie (with logo) but it isn't essential.

• School hoodies can only be worn on PE days. 


If you are having difficulties getting all of the uniform, come and talk to myself or Mrs O'Keefe and we can help you. 


I hope you all have a restful break - as I am writing this the sun is shining brightly. I am hoping that the good weather holds out. I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks, 

Mrs Hedges

Head Teacher