St John's C of E Primary School

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26/3/21 Friday NewsFlash!

Dear Parents/ Carers,


It's the St John's Friday Newsflash!


1. Easter Competition:

Thanks for the lovely Easter competition entries! Check them out on our website: Easter competition | St John's C of E Primary School (

Aisha in RA has made an amazing superhero scene which brought tears to my eyes. It's fantastic! Have a look and don't forget to send in your entries!


2. Easter holidays

Children's last day at school is Wednesday 31st March. We are doing a full day because we are trying to have as much time as we can with the children in school.

School reopens to children on Tuesday 20th April.


3. Parking Issues

Please DO NOT PARK in the area between the school and leisure centre. Nursery children use our carpark as their entrance to school. If you are pulling into that area or using it to turn around, you are at risk of running over a nursery child. We have had several close calls.


If you do park there, we will ask you politely to move your vehicle. Mrs O'Keefe had several parents being very rude to her when she asked them to move. We are trying to keep your children safe.


4. Parents' Evening

Parents evening is on Wednesday 31st March between 4 and 7pm. Appointments are online.

Some parents have had problems with booking. This is usually because of one of the following reasons:


1. The School Cloud system is looking to match your details with the ones we hold for the primary contact on our ParentMail system. For example, if mum is the primary contact, it will look to match your child's details with mum's email address. If dad has tried to book it won't recognise him. It is worth trying to book as mum and if this doesn't work, try again as dad.


2. Many of our children have one name on the register (which matches their birth certificate) but are called by a different name. The School Cloud system will be looking for the official details: that is, the child's name on the register. If your child's name isn't recognised, try putting in their name as it appears on their birth certificate.


Best wishes,

Mrs Seymour