School Clubs


At St John’s we offer the children several after school clubs. They are usually restricted to the children in Key Stage 2 classes. A range of clubs are offered including music and a variety of sports. The choice of clubs on offer varies from term to term.

We need to have parents’ written permission to take part and to be informed of the arrangements for their safe return home afterwards. Parents are welcome to wait in school until the clubs are finished, which will be at 4.15 pm in most cases.

Click on the link below to see what the range of clubs are:


Clubs for next term will start in January 2016.  Look out for the new letter with a variety of clubs  and make sure you book your child in early so they don’t miss out on the fun activities planned.



We currently have a breakfast club every morning at the cost of £1.90 per day starting at 8.00am.  Please visit the office to check if there are any places available.