St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 7th February 2022

Year 2 Remote Learning wk beginning 7th February 2022


Hi Year 2,


Here is your remote learning for this week if you are isolating, but remember, you don't have to complete any work at home if you feel poorly! Make sure your grown ups let the school office know if you are isolating. Mrs Large will check in with them via e-mail as soon as possible to check you are all ok, and to help you with your remote learning if needs be.



Please follow this link. You can complete one lesson per day (if you have already been isolating and have already completed some of this series of please just carry on from where you left off):



Multiplication and DIvision

You are learning about multiplication and division this week. Please follow the link and complete one lesson per day:


Here are some more general revision lessons for maths. (Depending how long you have been isolating, you may have already completed some of these – just carry on from where you left off, or focus on the multiplication and division lessons above)


Maths Revision Lessons

Complete one lesson per day from here (The tasks are on the videos):


If you need more of a challenge, try this link instead (The tasks are on the videos):  


Don't forget to spend time on TT Rockstars too!


Topic, SPaG, PSHER


Choose one of these lessons per day


Computing - Safer Internet Day 2022.

Tuesday is Safer Internet Day 2022. If a grown up at home feels well enough, they may wish to follow this link and then have a little chat with you about it:



This is THREE lessons: your task is to read some of the Fact sheet below (scroll down). Choose one of the people on there (Christopher Columbus, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Neil Armstrong, Captain Scott, Captain Cook) and write down some facts about him or her. Your class are focussing on Neil Armstrong this week -so you might want to make him your priority! Maybe you can draw some illustrations too. (A person counts as one lesson, so for example, you might choose Christopher Columbus on Monday, Mother Teresa on Tuesday and Neil Armstrong on Wednesday) If you were isolating last week, you may have already completed some- just choose three new people for this week!



What to do when you are feeling sad

Sometimes we all feel upset or sad. How can we make ourselves feel better? Watch the video about how these characters overcome the emotion of sadness.


Remember, there are lots more great remote learning resources on the school website here: