St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week Beginning 24th January 2022

Year 2 Remote Learning wk beginning 24th January 2022

Hi Year 2,


Here is your remote learning for this week if you are isolating, but remember, you don't have to complete any work at home if you feel poorly! Make sure your grown ups let the school office know if you are isolating. Mrs Large will check in with them via e-mail as soon as possible to check you are all ok, and to help you with your remote learning if needs be.


Some of the lessons have worksheets. If you can print them off that’s great, but please don’t worry if you can’t. You can just write the answers on paper or a blank BGfL document. Please also note that the worksheet documents don't always upload in the correct order - make sure you are using the worksheet that matches the video lesson.



Please follow this link. You can complete one lesson per day (If you have already done some because you were isolating last week, please just continue from where you got to)



We are revising some concepts in maths this week. You can complete one lesson a day. Depending how long you have been isolating, you may have already completed some of these. If so please just pick up where you left off. Any issues please just contact Mrs Large (by asking your parents to kindly respond to her email)



Maths Revision Lessons 1:
Here are some lessons revising concepts you learned earlier in the year:

Watch the video via the link and then scroll down to the bottom of this page for the worksheets.

  1. Count objects to 100: (first half of sheet - count objects to 100)
  2. Read and write numbers to 100: (second half of sheet – read and write numbers to 100)
  3. Represent numbers to 100:
  4. Tens and Ones with a Part-Whole model:
  5. Tens and ones using addition:



Maths Revision Lessons set 2


Complete one lesson per day from here (The tasks are on the videos):


If you need more of a challenge, try this link instead (The tasks are on the videos):  


Don't forget to spend time on TT Rockstars too!


Topic, RE, Computing and PSHER


Choose one of these lessons per day



Our new topic is Superheroes!


Over the next few weeks, we will learn about some amazing people: explorers, astronauts and humanitarians.


Lesson 1: we would like you to have a look at the Superheroes fact sheet below (scroll down). What interesting facts can you find?


Lesson 2: Choose a section of the knowledge organiser and learn the facts in it. If there is someone at home who feels well enough, can they test you on your new knowledge?




Watch the stories ofThe Prophet and the Ants and the Crying Camel

What do Muslims believe about equality and how we treat other people or animals?



Is everything that you watch and hear on the internet true? Click on the link Films for 5-11 year olds | Safer Internet Centre



Recognising feelings!

Watch the video of this bookThe Way I feel, by Janan Cain

Now make some emotions cards! Draw faces on bits of paper or on JIT5 and write down which emotion the face is experiencing.



Remember, there are lots more great remote learning resources on the school website here: