St John's C of E Primary School

Week 5 (4th-8th May)

Eliza has been busy making a rain shaker.

What is Eliza using to make her rain shaker?
Let’s hope it doesn’t make the rain ☔️ come.

Turab’s weather picture.

Can you see the snowman?

Saffa has been busy making binoculars.

Maryum has made a butterfly 🦋 feeder.

Munaam busy writing numbers and making shape animals.

Sahibdeep’s beanstalk is growing taller, and taller.

Turab has been helping his Dad clean the car 🚙

You can come and do mine next.

Aiman has been busy.

What is Aiman making.
Can you see the shapes he is using?
It’s a rocket 🚀
Look at Aiman’s shopping list.


What is Hamza doing?
Busy making his photo frame 🖼
Hamza has made a frame for his photo to go in

Saffa junk modelling.

Using a tissue box to make a monster.
Saffa’s monster to keep her colouring pencils in.