St John's C of E Primary School

Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone,


Easter holidays 

We wanted to wish you a fantastic Easter holiday from all of the Nursery Team.


To honour the importance of play - we will not be setting any work over the next 2 weeks and staff will not make weekly telephone calls. Calls will resume during the week beginning Monday 20th April. Children can continue to use the recommended websites and suggestions on this website. If the kids are getting a bit bored, please look through our Nursery page as there are lots of brilliant activities to do.


We have two optional projects to keep the children busy:



It has been so great to hear from families and get updates about what you have been up to. 


We think you are AMAZING and doing such an incredible job with the children in these challenging times.


We also really appreciate the feedback you have given.  Please watch out for updates as we respond to suggestions. We will adapt our support to make sure that we are providing the most useful resources and guidance we can.


Accordingly, I wanted to update you on where we are going, using your feedback so far:


1) Families enjoy connection We hear you and value the power of connection.

  • We will prioritise photo and video content on the website.
  • We have set up Microsoft Teams so that families can connect. It works in a similar way to Whatsapp. You should receive an email inviting you to join either the morning or afternoon team. Please check in your junk mail if you cannot find this email.  Please feel free to use this group as a way to contact other families. We will monitor this group, however please email us directly about any school related questions to ensure we do no miss any requests. 

If you have not given us your email address yet, please email us on  


2) It's hard for the children (and families) when they can't go out. Young children need lots of movement which makes restrictions on going outside even more challenging.

  • Please have a look at our PE area here. It has lots of physical activities to try (and hopefully the children will be able to burn off some of their energy while keeping fit).
  • Our PE teacher Mr H.E has made some fitness challenges here on the school YouTube channel which we particularly recommend. 


3) Children are finding it hard to understand what is going on 

  • It is totally understandable that our children are anxious right now and this anxiety can show up in so many ways. We have such admiration for the way you are supporting the children with their uncomfortable feelings (which is no easy job). We saw this infographic below and felt it summarised the sorts of totally normal behaviours that you might see over this period:



  • We think that  this video helps to explain Covid 19 to children. 



4) Families are worried that play is not learning We wanted to reassure you that play IS learning. Young children learn best when they learn through play. We've been having some great conversations about the wonderful play that's happening at home. We found that these resources explain in really well.


Here's a taster: 




5) Families would like offline activities  

Although online learning is useful, we totally agree that it's not good for the children to be online all the time. 

  • If you are looking for offline ideas, please look through the Weekly Book activities. We've had really positive feedback about them and feel it is useful to do open ended activities from materials you already have (where possible). 
  • Following requests, we will add printable activity resources that you can print or copy by hand. We've added some for maths sheets here and will continue to update so you have a bank of resources. However, we would continue to recommend using play as the key way of learning.
  • We love this list of 100 practical life skills



Again, we wanted to share our huge admiration for you and all that you do for the children. 


Happy playing!



Stay safe,

Miss Benton and the Nursery team