St John's C of E Primary School

VE day competition

Bunting competition

We are launching a competition to mark VE day, which we would like you all to get involved in. Children, parents and teachers can all take part!

Bunting is often put up during celebrations like street parties, or community events. We would like to work together to create a school line of bunting. We are going to make ours by joining lots of triangles together, each one with an individual design on. I'm attaching a triangle template, and will put one on the website too. If you haven't got a printer, just draw a large triangle on an A4 piece of paper or card (you could use an old cereal box).

The theme is peace. Here are some ideas for how you could decorate it:

  • write the word peace and decorate it
  • draw things that make you feel peaceful
  • draw symbols which mean peace
  • write a poem about peace
  • write a prayer about peace

You can stick things on, or create it on the computer, paint it or draw it. We don't mind - be creative!

Who can enter?

There will be different categories and prizes will be given for each one when we get back to school:

EYFS (nursery and Reception)

Lower school (Years 1 - 3)

Upper school (Years 4 - 6)



Upload your finished work (you can take a photo of it) and send it to your teachers or to Put your entry in a safe place as when you come back to school, we want to bring it in and put all of the bunting together to decorate the school.

Please get your entries in by Friday 15th May