St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Hub

Work Tray Approach for English and Maths

This video goes over the TEACCH method and how to effectively incorporate the use of task boxes in your therapy sessions.

We use a work tray approach in the lantern house to build English and Maths skills using the Birth to 5 matters or Birmingham Continuums to plan for individual next steps.

Set 1 sounds

Here you will find out how to pronounce each sound.

We use RWI phonics at St John's. The children of the lighthouse are using the Set 1 sounds in their phonics lessons to build their reading and writing skills.

How to sensory circuits for beginners tutorial

Learn how the basics about sensory circuits, how to do them and a demonstration showing our circuit full of examples.

Sensory Circuits is an integral part of our hubs at St John's and is sued to help pupils calm their bodies ready for learning. The staff have been trained by the Occupation Therapy Team and we have 4 sensory champions in school!

How to Use the Colourful Semantics 'How-To' Guide

This Colourful Semantics 'How-To' guide provides a clear explanation on what colourful semantics are, what they looks like, and what they look like in practice.

We use Colourful Semantics for both speech and language therapy and in building sentences for writing.