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The Beacon (KS2 hub)

The Beacon Hub

Snow Day 

Enjoy the snow

We hope that you are having a lovely day in the snow. We would love to see any pictures you draw or stories that you write about the day. You could use your sense to describe the snow. Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces, and full stops.

Earth explorers - vocabulary


Practise the earth explorers vocabulary by:

  • Drawing a picture for each word
  • Playing noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe)
  • Playing charades.

Earth explorers research


Research rainforests and then make a poster.


Use these videos:



You can also use Espresso to look at images and videos such as:




Multiplication Times Tables


Practise your times tables.



Enjoy a book. Talk to someone about the vocabulary in the book e.g:


• What does the word ………. mean in this sentence?

• Find and copy a word which means ……….
• What does this word or phrase tell you about ………?

• Which word in this section do you think is the most important? Why?

• Which of the words best describes the character/setting/mood etc?

• Can you think of any other words the author could have used to describe this?

• Why do you think ………. is repeated in this section?





Choose one of our online resources to play with: