St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Stars of the week

On a Friday morning, St John's joins together to celebrate our 'Stars of the Week'. We think it is important to share our children's 'God-given talents' and praise those who have succeeded in any area of school life. For some, it is the standard of their work we are celebrating, for others it is their attitude to school and for others it is in the way they have shown they are living out the school values.


While we have been in lockdown, we have continued to carry out our Collective worships on Teams Live. On the website, you can see who our stars are and why. Keep scrolling and you can also see examples of their incredible work. Every week the accomplishments are different, and every week we feel so proud of what has been achieved.

Friday 20th May

RH Azeem for showing excellent phonic knowledge. He could write down ‘celebration’ independently. Miss Flemming was very proud!

Miruna for always helping tidy the classroom. She shows respect for her environment, and I am very thankful for her help.  

RA Hidayah and Amaad for always being polite and showing care and respect for their peers and teachers. 

1S Aayan for working hard when making his fabulous dragon puppet. 

Sahar for designing and sewing her wonderful dragon puppet.  

1N   Zarah and Hannah for their super DT designing and making a dragon puppet.  

2P Karanjeet and Pareeha for super aboriginal art 

2B Safah and Yousuf Khurshid for super aboriginal art  

3M Abdul Raheem and Mayra for always showing respect and care for others.   

3B  Keyan for showing excellent mathematical skills in fractions and problem solving. 

Ratneev for always being kind and respectful in class and being a great friend. 

4K  Rashda and Zamun for always being respectful, polite and helpful. 

4C Dante, for his amazing writing about the journey of a river. 

Malaika, for always showing respect and kindness to people around her.  

5HE  Hussain for brilliant work in our new topic, Star Trek. 

Aizah for showing respect to our planet – Aizah has planned and run a “Plastic Pollution” sale, raising money for an issue she feels really passionate about. 

5L Japdeep for showing amazing knowledge and understanding of space.

Alaynah for showing respect to all children and staff in school. 

6W- Siam and Juwairiyah for creating amazing Giometti, inspired sculptures of the human body  

6A Haleema for her fabulously detailed scientific diagrams of the body's organs, especially the heart.  

Musa for always being respectful in class and never shouting out. 

Friday 13th May

RH Maryam for always being thankful for what she receives and always using her manners.  

Issa for being confident when practising his letter formation.  


Ishlyn for working really hard with her phonics and always staying positive even when she is finding it hard. 

Subhaan for learning all his red words. 

1S Hamza for always saying thank you and for being polite to everyone. 

Zunaina for writing a fabulous review on our trip to Tamworth Castle. 

1N   Jasmine and Mikaeel for writing a super review about Tamworth Castle.  

2P Aarav and Inaaya for always saying ‘thank you’. 

2B Esa and Ahmed for super teamwork in science. 

3M Miah for having an attitude of gratitude!   

Aryan for his investigative skills during our science experiment. 

3B  Elisei for great work on equivalent fractions  

Khadijah for being kind and taking responsibility for a new child to in class 

4K  Abubakr for his great work in English using fronted adverbials.  

Ashan for working really hard on his activity folder from the Hub. 

4C Mariam M for being a great friend to the people around her. Mariam has been helping people with their times tables – which they have really appreciated. 

Aleeza, for a fantastic improvement in her times tables rockstars scores. Aleeza is regularly scoring 25 out of 25 on her soundcheck! Well done! 

5HE Ibrahim, Isa and Nasir for incredible persuasive council speeches.  

5L Aria for her dedication and perseverance in maths, keep up the amazing work!  

Inaya J for her amazing work on the UN Rights of the Child. 

6L - Whole class for their positive attitudes and determination during SATs week; they have been amazing! 

6A - Whole class for their positive attitudes and determination during SATs week; they have been amazing! 

Friday 29th April

RH Zakaria for progress in reading and phonics. 

Noor for fantastic independent maths work. She is always keen to challenge herself to work out tricky addition number sentences with no support. 

RA Minaal for her fantastic progress with her reading and phonics.  

Anabia for always working hard and trying her best with every activity.  

1S Musa for being brave and sharing his ideas to the class.  

Daniyal for making great progress in reading. 

1N   Haaniya and Ismail for their effort and progress in reading and phonics.  

2P Zakariya for being a brilliant role model this week 

Zoya for great geography skills when finding UK on the world map  

2B  Laiba F and Zahra R for always being kind and helpful. 

3M  Lutfiyah and Eliza for DT project – creating environmentally friendly packaging! 

3B  Khadijah and Estelle for supporting each other in making the right choices  

4K  Samuel, for his excellent work in science. 

Sarah for her positive attitude to learning.  

4C Ruqayyah and Maryam, for an excellent representation of the water cycle.  

5HE Amelia and Ibraheem for incredible work developing their skills in Art Week. They were so engaged and produced some amazing work! I’m really proud of them. They developed their sketching techniques, learnt new skills with watercolours, created layered compositions and used some brilliant techniques in their clay work. 

5L Aria and Ruhiya for incredible work developing their skills in Art Week. 

6W Ifrah for always being such a positive and thankful member of the class – she always remembers her manners and shows gratitude to others!  

Iman and Amira – for their determination and hard work in revising for SATs this week.  

6A Manveer for supporting his peers in class. 

Aaliyah  - she is always so polite and kind to others. 

Friday 25th March 

RH Saleh for working hard in PE. He listens to instructions and has a go at all our tricky rolls.  

Rumeha for becoming an increasingly fluent reader. She even knows lots of her tricky words! 

RA Laiba for working so hard on her writing and forming her letters in her name.  

Jiyana for her super reading skills. She has worked hard to become a fluent reader and she practices lots at home.  

1S Hussain for his excellent progress in his reading. 

 Sahar for demonstrating the value of forgiveness. When children have apologised to Sahar, she has responded politely showing forgiveness.  

1N  Turab for showing kindness and forgiveness towards others. He can explain that mistakes happen but we learn from them and move on.  

Deen for such a fabulous attitude towards learning! His enthusiasm is contagious and the effort that he puts in is excellent.  

2P Inaaya for super cooperation when making living art with her group. 

Rayyan N for a super letter to Katie Morag. 

2B Hafsa for being kind to others and always helping everyone. 

 Seher for a super piece of art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 

3M Ajay for showing forgiveness towards others this week especially. 

Ameerah for working so hard on division and multiplication at Maths Club! 

3B  Halima for working really hard on her division work 

Aleena for being kind and sensitive to others in the class 

4K  Zaman for an excellent improvement in learning his times tables 

Joel, Samuel, Jesse, Sulaiman, Farhaan, Arsalan and Sarah 

Group certificate: for showing kindness and compassion for other children (and their teacher!) by helping them to learn coding. 

4C Ismail, for really pushing himself to complete some excellent work in Maths and English. I was particularly impressed with the algebra that Ismail was completing yesterday! 

Aleeza, for showing the value of forgiveness. Aleeza always takes time to understand how people are feeling and is able to forgive them so that they can continue to have a friendship.  

5HE Shayaan for incredible writing! He had some brilliant ideas writing his Alex Rider story and he tried really hard with it.

Aizah for showing super compassion when friends have felt hurt or upset. She has been really considerate and supportive to others. 

5L Jumana for her commitment and dedication to swimming. 

Izyan for his effort and perseverance in his writing piece about Alex Rider.  

6W Aniba for her super effort when using suspense features in her own fantasy story writing.  

Sufyaan K for turning his behaviour around recently and being respectful to adults and other children.   

6A Yakeen for his kind and forgiving nature towards others.

Fatimah for the amazing progress she is making in her maths, I am very proud of her.

Friday 11th March

RH Hayaa for blowing her teachers away with her amazing phonic knowledge! Her blending and reading CVC words has come on massively!  Yousaf for trying hard to write his name.  

RA Ishlyn for being a super independent55 writer. She takes such good care over her work, taking her time to do her best. Minaal for being compassionate. She is always keen to help her peers and take care of them if anyone is upset.  

1S Daniyal for showing compassion by helping his friends when they are hurt. 

Umar for doing super reading. 

1N   Muhammad Salman for showing compassion by helping his friends when they are upset or in difficulty.  

Zarah for working hard with her writing both independently and with the teacher. 

2P Qasim – showing compassion by helping a friend with his work. 

Muhib – super map work in Geography  

2B Ayaan for being a super role model. Zahra R for being a super reading leader and always helping others. 

3M Annaya for showing compassion by helping a friend with her coat. Rayyan Z for fantastic work on reading poetry. 

3B  Sufiyan for writing a brilliant Haiku poem 

Inayah for having courage to try new tasks in maths, even when she finds it tricky. 

4K  Ahsan for excellent attitude to homework. 

AbuBakr for consistently doing excellent homework.  

4C Ruqayyah for her amazing wire buzz game that she engineered to have an extra bright light to work in the sun. 

Abubakr for always being kind and considerate of everyone around him. 

5HE Nasir for incredible maths work on fractions. It was so tricky and he has made so much progress! Zayna for showing compassion to her shoulder partner, supporting her with her work and helping encourage her in her learning. 

5L Adam for showing compassion when supporting other during lesson. Rizwan for spending extra time inside and outside of school reading. 

6L Aisha and Amira for showing compassion in the playground. When a child from another class had no one to play with, they both went and kept her company and looked out for her the following day too.   

6A Humaira for showing compassion and patience to her partner, supporting them with some very tricky translations work in Maths this week. Iman for her brilliant work on translations in Maths this week. 

Friday 4th March

RH Azeem and Ajwa for their independent writing.  

RA Anais for working hard on writing her name. Liyana for being so helpful. She is always eager to help others and is super at tidying up. 

1S Mustafa for being kind and helpful to other in need.  

Zaryab for doing super maths work when learning about halves and quarters. 

1N  Alia for being a considerate and understanding friend to everyone. (Always offers to help others in difficulty).

Muntaha for fantastic maths work. Joining in during marvellous maths and super work with halves and quarters.  

2P Hannah for great progress in phonics.

Maryum for always saying 'Thank you'.  

2B Safah for always being helpful and kind to others.

Laaibah for being a super reading leader . 

3M Qurratul and Owais for designing amazing moving monsters in DT. 

4K  Abbas and Ehsan for their brilliant electrical circuit game.   

5L Ayaan and Inaaya A for showing perseverance when sewing.  

6L - Juwairiyah for her amazing progress on Reading Plus.

Siam for showing courage and determination to always try his best and put his ideas forward. 

6A - Zara A for her amazing progress on Reading Plus.  

Saad for having the courage to do the right thing even when his friends aren’t.

Friday 18th February - 

RH Ajwa for writing a fantastic fact about dinosaurs. Her writing has also improved hugely, and her letters are much smaller.

Amira for showing the value of courage. She has gotten out of her ‘comfort zone’ and started to play outside with friends.  

RA Anais for working really hard on writing her name.

Liyanna for being so kind to others and always speaking up for those who can’t.   

1S Aliza for showing courage when leaving mum in the morning. 

Ishaq for showing perseverance with his reading. 

1N  Hannah and Mikaeel for super writing about animals using adjectives.  

2P Essa and Zayn for being thoughtful, kind and helpful to Mrs Masani.  

2B Safah, Yousuf R and Muzammil- For a super explorer log about Neil Armstrong 

3M Abdul Raheem and Joya for perseverance when writing a tricky poem.  

3B  Raihan and Zarrah for working hard on their spellings each week 

4K  Zainab for learning how to self-regulate and understand what she needs to get back to green. 

Eliza for a big improvement in her sound check scores on ttrockstars. 

4C Ramone, for putting loads of effort into TTRS. He has been practicing his soundchecks and has managed to more than double his score! Well done.  

Hadi for sharing super ideas with the class. 

5HE Theo and Abbas. For great work in exploring and analysing different products in DT.  They have tasted and learnt about different breads, and have designed their own. They are very excited to make bread today! 

5L Blake and Kholsuma for great work in exploring and analysing different products in DT.  They have tasted and learnt about different breads, and have made their own. 

6L Leah and Aniba for being such amazing role models on the school trip to Coventry 

6A Muhammad for showing courage when taking part in the role play at the Herbert museum.  

Iqra for contributing great ideas and information on World War II on our school trip.  

Friday 11th February

1S Hareem for her excellent writing in English using her plurals and suffixes.  

Musa for his courage when saying goodbye to mum in the mornings and coming into school. He has been so brave this week going into the hall with a large group of children and joining in with collective worship. 

1N   Aaminah for her effort with writing activities throughout the week.  

Yaseen for always trying to solve friendship problems and making sure that everyone is treated with kindness and fairly. 

2P Maila for having the courage to make new friends 

Hajara for brilliant understanding of commutativity 

2B Laiba for a super explorer about Robert Falcon Scott. 

Kaden for always trying hard to do the right thing and treat others fairly. Kaden has the courage to stand up for what is right even if he is the only one.  

3M   Ruqayyah and Ajay for having the courage to stand up and speak out for others. 

3B  Sufiyan for always putting 100% effort into everything he does  

Amelia for being brave when taking part in class discussions  

4K  Aamina for being a good peacemaker. Aamina always tries her best to solve any friendship problems, play fairly and make sure everyone feels like they’re included.  

Huzaifa for writing a brilliant Iron Man story, with good vocabulary and accurate punctuation. Well done. 

4C Halima, for keeping track of lessons so that she can do extra work at home on anything that she has struggled with in school – well done Halima!  

Zunairah, for showing the courage to try and work on her friendships. Zunairah has spoken to me about how she can try and maintain her friendships and she has been working really hard to try and speak to people, even when it is for a difficult conversation.  

5HE Shayaan for showing amazing courage in swimming – swam 4 lengths in a row! That must have taken real bravery to think “I can take that on!”. All the swimming teachers and lifeguards were saying “Wow!”.  

Adaam for fantastic writing about Ali Baba! He has made so much progress in writing and I am really impressed. 

6L Siam for brilliant writing about the Blitz. 

Jessica for having the courage to talk about her own experiences in RE 

6A Yakeen and Haleema for their great work on angles using protractors – Yakeen for always showing kindness and consideration towards others 

Friday 28th January


RH Hoorain for her courage. She came back to school after being poorly and came in without any tears or worries and got stuck into activities straight away!  

Zoya for excellent subtraction skills. She used a tens frame, subtracted an amount and wrote a tricky number sentence.  

RA Laiba for her courage, whenever she has a setback she always meets it head on and is determined to get on with it. If she falls over, she picks herself backup and continues playing.   

Zain for being so hardworking. He has been practicing his writing formation this week and has made amazing progress.  

1S  Saffa for having the courage to share her thoughts and ideas to the class. 

Aiman for his fantastic retell of the Three Little Pigs in English. 

1N Ismaeel for being a fantastic talk partner and support for other children during activity time. He helps others and has been a great role model this week. 

Zayyan for his effort in English this week. He made a super story map and start to a re-tell of the Three Little Pigs.  

2P Mariyah for reciting the months of the year in Spanish.  

Inaaya for being a good friend at playtime.  

2B Hamza for overcoming his fear and trying  new things. He tries to be positive even when he is finding it difficult. 

Esa for trying hard with his handwriting. 

3M Aleesa and Yaqub for showing courage and perseverance when doing a difficult maths task. 

3B  Ubaid for excellent work on subtraction using the part while model 

Inayah for always being kind, considerate and fair. 

4K  Zerina for being kind, co-operative and fair when playing with her friends.  

Rashda for working really hard to improve her times tables knowledge. This has meant she could find equivalent fractions independently – well done! 

4C Manmeet, for really impressing his teacher with his fantastic work on fractions.  

Mariam, for always treating others how she would like to be treated. 

Farrell for showing courage when lots of things change. 

5HE Isa Mahmood has been a great partner, supporting others when they find things tricky and being really encouraging when other children are learning – he is setting a great example to them. 

Nimrah for her writing. She has written some excellent descriptive sentences about Ali Baba with a range of openings. I am really impressed with how much the content of her writing has improved. 

5L  Izyan  for showing courage and determination during swimming lessons. 

Subhaan  for showing perseverance throughout assessment week  

6A Habib for his honesty and sense of justice, he does not let his friendships sway him from telling the truth.  

Kavya for always trying so hard with her work especially in English.  

6L- Sufyaan S for always having the courage to speak out when something isn’t fair or if he sees someone being mistreated. 

Uwais for his hard work and determined attitude in maths this week when solving fraction and decimal problems. 


Friday 21st January

RH  Harlyn for excellent creative work this week and getting right into our topic! We have been drawing, sculpting, collaging and painting aliens and rockets. Harlyn has worked so hard making sure she spends lots of time taking care of her work and it all looked fantastic. Here is a picture of a rocket she made from lots of materials! 

Maryam for Justice. During continuous provision, Maryam always notices when something is unfair or if a child is treated unkindly. She will be the first to stand up and support them.  

RA- Mohammed Bensaada for showing the value of justice. He is always quick to notice if a child has been treated unfairly and speaks up to a teacher.  

Subhaan for showing perseverance with his maths work this week. He tried really hard with addition and went back to practice and work on it within our provision after our lesson.  

1S Usman for showing perseverance when designing his ‘Stop Plastic Pollution’ poster. 

Rayyan for showing the value of justice when standing up for others and speaking out.  

1N   Munaam for her super poster campaigning for plastic pollution to stop.  

Ibraheem for being a super friend and member of 1N. He is thoughtful and considerate when working with others as well as playing games in the playground.  

2P Maryam and Farhan for super art work in the style of Roy Lichtenstein  

2B Maria and Yusrah for always doing the right thing. Both girls are brilliant the always stand up for what is right , they don’t take sides when their friends fall out . They always tell the truth even if one of their friends is in the wrong. 

3M Okasha for amazing volcano artwork.

Ruqayyah for her reflections on justice during RE. 

3B  Sufiyan for showing initiative in learning his times-tables. 

 Amelia for showing kindness  to everyone around her. 

4K  Rehaan for always showing the value of fairness in in the playground and in the classroom. He is always in the right place at the right time and makes our classroom a better place to be.  

Sarah for settling in so well to the St John’s Family. Sarah is kind and polite – a pleasure to have in the class. 

4C Manmeet for being so enthusiastic when learning his Roman Numerals. 

Abdulwahab for showing such a high standard of behaviour – what a great role model for others.  

5HE Bismillaha for fantastic work learning about the Islamic Golden Age. Bismillaha did a super drawing of Baghdad based on information from historical sources, and knows lots of information about goods exported on the Silk Road.  

Mariam for having courage in swimming. She tried really hard and shows real commitment to getting better! 

5L Menaal for showing courage during swimming.

Yuvraj for amazing contributions within RE, when looking at beatitudes and what it means to be blessed. 

6L Mustafaa for always demonstrating a keen sense of justice: speaking out when something is not fair and standing up for what is right.  

Ifrah for putting so much effort into her report about the causes of World War two  

6A Aaliyah for showing such courage this week.

Alesha for always trying her best -  her WW2 report looks amazing (beautiful handwriting). 

Friday 14th January

RH -  Ibrahim for showing the value of justice by making sure he is playing with everyone fairly and not excluding others & Yunis for showing the value of courage. Since coming back from Christmas, Yunis has built up the courage to go and ask children to play with him. 

RA - Asawira for amazing phonics & Eesa for confidence when reading in class. 

1S -  Amara for standing up for others to make sure people are treated fairly & Ruqaiya for her beautiful Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ inspired artwork. Using oil pastels and collage she created swirl patterns and paid close attention to detail.    

1N  Haaniya for being a really considerate of others and making sure that people treat others fairly & Eliza for the effort that she put into learning to tell the time using O’clock and half past as well as adding an hour.  

2P -  Aarav for showing the value of justice for accepting  that sometimes things have to be different to be fair & Haniya for amazing map work in Geography 

2B - Hafsa for a big improvement in her reading and comprehension & Aaira for ensuring that no one  in the class left out. ( Aaira always asks others to play and helps everyone according to their needs. She helps children do up their coats up and  helps children to follow the class and school code ) 

3M -  Aliza for some brilliant work on volcanic onomatopoeia & Iqra for her interesting reflections on Desmond Tutu and Apartheid. 

3B -  Aleeza for always being kind and considerate & Owais for great work on onomatopoeia 

4K  - Safiya for being a good friend and always including others & Rayyan for such an improvement in his handwriting.  

4C  - Re’Neya for showing the value of justice by always listening to people, to make sure that she understands both sides of an argument & Zain for playing TTRS EVERY day over the last 7 days! Well done Zain. 

5HE -  Aizah and Amelia for setting a great example to others and showing kindness.  

5L – Adam and Eham – setting great examples and being role models in class  

6L - Jessica and Aleena for their fantastic effort and participation in maths this week.  They’ve both been working so hard and gaining confidence in answering questions and explaining their methods when solving problems with fractions. Keep it up girls!  

Haseeb for ALWAYS shows fantastic service supporting others in the class with their maths/ catching up on work / hearing children read etc  

6A Saad and Hana for their amazing illustrations for the WW2 key vocabulary, and their enthusiasm for the topic.  

Friday 9th December


RH  Miruna for fantastic phonic knowledge.

RA Bareeha and Ishlyn for all their effort with Nativity.  

1S Zuniana and Saheim for showing perseverance when tackling difficult challenges.  

1N  Ariyanna and Aisha for fabulous science and geography work exploring the climates in different continents.  

2P Wahib and Safurah for super maps of Bournville. 

2B Ahmed and Laaibah for a super waterproof penguin shelter  

3M Yaqub for his incredible 3D model volcano (homework). 

3B  Jaya and Khadijah for being supportive of their fellow students and always helping them when they need it! 

4K  Abu Bakr and Sulaiman for fabulous posters about the Vikings. 

4C Rahim and Hamza for amazing non-chronological reports on the Vikings.  

5HE Isa Muhammad and Zayna for having an amazing attitude the classroom and for being mature learners. 

5L Alaynah and Hasnain for their perseverance during swimming lessons   

6L - Sufyaan Khan, Rakeeb and Mustapha for their fantastic team work and perseverance when making their fairground ride in DT. It’s not built yet, but they worked together so well, and overcome so many problems while assembling it (which they tried to fix themselves and didn’t keep asking me for help!) 

6A Sufyan, Musa, Habib and Yusuf for their brilliant team work and determination when making the fairground rides.  



Still image for this video

Friday 3rd December

RH Naila for fantastic phonic knowledge. 

RA Aleena has been working really hard on writing her name.  Aahil has done super phonics this week and has been listening well.  

1S Aadam and Saffa for working hard and for doing super work in mathematics. 

1N Essa and Rayyan for writing super postcards after our class trip to Antarctica.  

2P Hannah and Essa for being super ambassadors for St John’s at Cadbury World. 

2B Seher and Amelia for being super role models during our visit to Cadbury World. 

3M Owais and Joya for writing fantastic Mary Anning diary entries. 

3B  Rashdan and Estelle for writing a brilliant diary entry. 

4K  Fatimah H and Ehsan for showing our value of service and being reliable and sensible helpers in the classroom.  

4C Abubakr and Fatima for persevering with their reading. 

5HE Fateha, Nasir and Josiah for incredible learning about plastic pollution. All of them have been working on information on the computer independently.  

5L Aruba, Fatimah and Waleed for great determination and effort when composing and performing music using paper. 

6L - Afaan and Juwairiah for their fabulous attitude to learning in maths (fractions) this week.           

6A Robert and Inaya for their scientific diagrams of circuits and the enthusiasm and determination they have shown for the topic when making and investigating circuits.  

Friday 26th November

RH Zeeshan for showing the value of ‘respect’ and ‘friendship’. He is very polite to his friends and teachers.

RA Umamah and Anabia for being great friends and being so kinds to other children in our class. 

1S Asiya and Mustafa for their home learning of their red words.  

1N  Daniyal for super effort in phonics and Deen for fabulous maths using doubles.  

2P Karanjeet and Farhan for enthusiasm in Spanish – especially when singing. 

2B Farhad and Lavinia for working for working so hard on their phonics. 

3M Lutfiyah and Alainah for some amazing active reading on our Mary Anning text. 

3B  Sudais and Safiya for being such good role models.  

4K  Joel and Farhaan for being such fantastic partners when doing collaborative work.  

4C Sameea and Hrudy, for being incredibly respectful to people around them. They listen to other people’s ideas and they always make sure people around them have had the chance to share. 

5HE Ayaan and Ehsan for brilliant multiplication work. 

5L Haadiya and Hammad for spending extra time outside of school practicing their multiplication skills with tt rockstars and producing great homework for our new topic, materials matter 

6L Aliviyah and Adam for fantastic work on simplifying fractions and finding the lowest common multiples. 

6A Ismail and Humairah for their very thoughtful and kind words about their peers on their ‘one kind word’ hearts.  

Friday 19th November 

RH Yousal and Tanisha for being fantastic in maths meetings. 

RA Zoeya and Zayaan for working really hard on their writing and practising the sounds at home.  

1S Salahuddin and Sahibdeep for working hard and being on task in lessons.  

1N  Muhammad Salman and Alia for their effort and recent progress with reading.  

2P For a super leaflet about waterproof materials in Science  

2B  Dawud and Ebrahim for being super role models. 

3M Rayyan A and Eliza for brilliant science skills during a friction investigation. 

3B  Halima and Elisei for persevering with their timestables 

4K  Hawwa and Eshal for great perseverance in maths, learning how to do short multiplication.  

4C  Ismail and Maryam for showing great service, by always offering to help those around them. 

5HE Laaibah and Ziyad for writing  amazing setting descriptions for Macbeth. 

5L Rizwan and Menaal for showing great perseverance in swimming. 

6L  Eesa  and Maila for their fabulous first drafts of the story ‘Origins - The Lone Robot.’ They both used great vocabulary choices and ‘show not tell’ sentences. 

6A Musa and Zara for their fantastic first drafts of their descriptive writing, they both used amazing vocabulary to create to paint a very vivid picture of the scene. 

Friday 15th October

Lantern hub  - Zak for listening to instructions  

RH - Zayn and Aleena for being super during guided reading. They could answer lots of tricky questions about the book and enjoyed sharing their knowledge of nursery rhymes. 

RA Azaan and Bareeha for their fantastic writing, they both tried really hard this week. 

1S Saffa and Amal for their imaginative writing  

1N   Michael and Kameel for their super writing about what they would paint with a magic paintbrush.  

2P Alisha and Hareem for super effort in phonics  

2B Hawwa and Yousuf K for a super fire safety poster 

3M Mikaeel and Mariyah for amazing work on 3 digit numbers. 

3B  Ruqayyah for adopting a growth mindset and completely changing her attitude towards her learning.

4K  Alisha and Marwa for persevering and cracking column addition. They found it tricky at the start of the week but they’ve worked really hard and now they can do it accurately! 

4C Dante and Princess for being excellent role models to the rest of the class. Both Dante and Princess have worked so hard this week to make sure that they are always making good choices and I have seen them help others to do the same.  

5HE Maryam and Ziyad for excellent work during our Magical Music week 

5L Izyan and Kholsuma for showing perseverance and commitment when using the column method 

6L - Shiloh and Sufyaan S for the fantastic start they have made on their Industrial Revolution reports.  

6A Ruhab and Sufyan for making such an effort with their writing on the Industrial Revolution reports.  


Friday 8th October

RH   - Umais and Zaynab. They have worked really hard in phonics and show excellent listening. 

RA – Mohammed Raees and Jiyana for being super friends this week. They have both been brilliant at helping children around the classroom and making new friends.  

1S Juwairiyah and Hoorain for their brilliant addition work.  

1N Aisha and Yousuf for their super writing about the senses.  

2P Umaimah and Amaima for their brilliant Great fire of London writing.  

2B Zahra Khan and Muhammad for a super piece of writing about the Great Fire of London. 

3M  Ayesha and Zayyan for amazing teamwork on researching Skara Brae! 

3B  Owais and Qasim for showing great enthusiasm for their Amazing Archaeology topic in and outside of school  

4K  Ruqqayah and Jesse for amazing art and maths skills, designing and making symmetrical saxon broaches. 

4C Ramone and Malaika, for showing fantastic perseverance during ‘test week’. I know that there were times where they found it difficult to take part in a test, but I have been so impressed with how well both were able to take a calm moment before carrying on.  

5HE Alisha and Taiba for brilliant understanding of modern slavery, comparing it with the Slave Trade Triangle. 

5L Ishmael and Aruba for excellent participation in PSHER when looking at how we manage anger  

6L Afaan, Rakeeb, Maila and Yasmin for excellent team work when making their ‘self regulation’ poster in PSHER 

6A Fatima and Hasan for being super supportive and helping their peers with multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. 

Friday 1st October


RH  Aizah and Khadija for both being such a good friend to other people.  

RA  Asawira and Zain for super maths work sorting shapes into groups  

1S Sahibdeep and Aayan for amazing math work on comparing numbers  

1N Jasmine and Rayyan for being wonderful role models and always putting 100% effort into their independent and supported work.  

2P Mohsin and Hajrah for super homework about firefighters 

2B Seher and Amelia for Super work in PSHER.( We were talking about uncomfortable feelings and how we can manage them) 

3M  Fahad and Abdul Raheen for setting into St John’s so well. 

3B  Rehaan and Elisei for superb writing 

4K Fatimah A and Samuel for brilliant monster descriptions. 

4C Muhammad Ali and Hareem for fantastic homework about the Saxons.  

5HE Maryam B and Ibrahim for amazing poetry responses to Maya Angelou 

5L Amelia and Japdeep for creating amazing poems in English. 

6L Leah and Uwais for fantastic input during Guided Reading (especially making predictions!) 

6A Hamza and Hamna for their brilliant numbered heads note-taking on the Industrial Revolution, they both worked extremely hard in their groups. 

Friday 24th September

RH  - Urwah-Fatima and Hasan have both settled well this week and have been making friends.  

RA – Ishlyn and Maisa for settling into reception so well. Both girls have been brilliant this week helping other children and making friends.  

1S Hamza for his adorable baby bear birth certificate. Amara for her brilliant maths work on doubling and halving.  

1N   Amirah and Ariyanna for putting so much effort into your writing.  

2P Sara and Musa for super writing in English  

2B  Ayaan and Ameera for making a super model of a fire engine 

3M   Safa and  Zunaira for amazing sentence building to describe a Stone Age settlement 

3B  Aminah and Aaima for excellent work on number lines 

4K  Arsalan and Joel for fab homework projects making a Saxon village. 

4C  Zunairah and Zain for always making good choices in class. They actively show that they are listening and taking part in their learning.  

5HE Habibha and Darina for incredible artwork – creating a visual representation of a freedom fighter’s “journey”. 

5L Subhaan and Eesa for excellent contribution and effort within maths 

6L Iman and Ifrah for making an incredible effort with their homework. 

6A Muhammad Shah and Aliyah Kaur for using their inferencing skills to explain changes they identified on the old and new maps of Birmingham. 

Friday 10th September


1S Musa and Hoorain for a brilliant first week in Year 1  

1N  Meran and Inaaya for settling in really well and following our Year 1 routines.  

2P Zayn and Adam – super behaviour during their first week in Year 2.  

2B Yousuf H and Junaid for persevering in a maths . 

3M Okasha for settling in so well to a new school and Safa for being a brilliant translator.  

3B  Hamza for being helpful in class and Hajara for always trying her best. 

4K  Quasim and Ahsan for putting so much effort into reading new words and using their sounds so well. 

4C Marcel for showing amazing friendship and Musa for showing compassion.  

5HE Shubomi and Gurleen – a fantastic start to Year 5 as independent and mature learners. 

5L Jumana and Abhi – great contribution within lessons and producing high standards of work. 

6L Afaan and Adam for being super helpful all week. 

6A Hana and Saad for their fantastic values cards  

2020 - 2021

Friday 9th July

NUR AM- Yousaf for great improvements in his communication.

Success for fantastic communication skills. 

NUR PM  - Ajwa and Azaan for fantastic communication skills. 

RH  - Aiman for his fantastic maths on ‘odds and evens’.

Saffa for practising her handwriting every morning. 

RA – Jasmine for her super listening and amazing phonics! 

Zayyan for working hard on his independent writing this week.  

1S Rayyan Khan and Umaimah for their lovely work all about the importance of bees! 

1N   Hawwa and Zahra Khan for your fabulous bee books which they wrote independently.  

2F   Safa for fantastic reading during an online reading group. 

Aryan superb work on character description on his JIT5 account. 

2B Owais and Sufiyan for writing super alternative story to the Ginger Bread Man 

3S Sulaiman and Jesse for their Roman Emperor research.

3HE  Marcel for settling so well into 3S this week.

Malaikah for working so hard at her remote learning tasks. 

4F  Ayaan and Ruhiya for their very detailed visual prompts/aids based on our Birmingham and Johannesburg comparison work. 

4A  Ziyad and Theo for having a brilliant attitude to learning.

5L  Habib and Zara A for excellent contributions in Guided Reading. 

5K – Uwais, Yasmin and Mustafaa for excellent improvement in their presentation.

Leah and Amira for always contributing thoughtfully in class discussions and interacting with adults kindly and politely. 

6H  - Raihan and Saad for excellent contributions to our session on the police.

6W – Sabah and Muhammad – for their fabulous, sketches of dinosaur eyes.

Friday 2nd July


RH  Ruqaiya for her fantastic writing and even including sound buttons under all her sounds!  Juwairiyah for fantastic knowledge of halving. She could complete her halving activity completely independently! 

RA – Daniyal has worked really hard on his writing this week and every morning he practises his letters, it’s been tricky, but he has kept on going and is making so much improvement.

Alia- Her doubling work this week was brilliant and she independently wrote out her doubling number sentences! 

1S Aadam and Safurah for their incredible and imaginative independent writing about their secret garden! 

1N   Seher for her amazing secret garden writing and Aaira for her brilliant ‘Save the Bees’ poster. 

2F Amir and Ayesha for bravery in reciting seaside poems in front of the class! 

2B Elisei and Jannat for being super role models. 

3S Samuel and Safia for great designs of their Roman monsters 

3HE  Ismail and Hareem for excellent effort with their handwriting 

4F  Alaynah and Yuvraj for their super efforts with their Zahra narratives. They both worked really hard and produced some lovely writing. 

4A Darina and Gurleen for beautiful and thoughtful RE work. Thinking about forgiveness, fresh starts and what that means to us.  

5L Habib and Iqra for super responses in guided reading. 

5K  Jessica and Shiloh for fantastic effort and attitude towards P.E. and exercise. 

6H Awais and Isaac for enthusiastic car washing for the fiver challenge. 

6W  Hafsa Ahmed, during our fiver challenge work this week, Hafsa demonstrated the value of generosity when helping other teams with the fiver challenge.

Abdul Baseer, for showing kindness to the younger key stage one children when carrying out his game for his fiver challenge.  

Friday25th June

RH  - Muhammed Rayyan for fantastic independent writing and using his ‘red words’ independently. 

 Amara for working incredibly hard in her focussed writing and remembering her ‘sweep up’.  

Musa for showing increasing confidence in his writing. He works so hard to hear and write lots of his sounds.  

RA – Rayyan for being a really kind friend this week. He has worked hard to include lots of different children in his play and helped children to access activities and play in new areas.  

1S Aarav and Sara for their fantastic writing about shrinking in the garden!  

1N Mariyah for super reading and Lavinia for trying so hard with her activities and learning so many new things (new to school).  

2F  Zunaira and Zayan- For trying hard to learn the 2 and 5 times tables. 

2B  Ruqayyah, Hajara and Inayah- For trying hard to learn the 2 and 5 times tables. 

3S Fatimah H and Rashda for Sports Day. Rashda for working well as a team player and Fatimah H for superb goal scoring! 

3HE – Safiya, Manmeet and Abubakr for Sports day. Safiya and Manmeet showed excellent sportsmanship when they were cheering on their team mates. Abubakr for amazing football skills.  

4F  Adam and Ifrahim for being fantastic geographers and identifying different types of physical and human geography from images. 

4A  Shayaan and Abbas for brilliant effort with their independent writing. 

5L - Saad for exceptional sportsmanship and being a real ‘team player’ in PE by making sure he included everyone and offered encouragement. Haleema for being a superstar in Computing and helping Mrs Large figure out what to do on the chromebooks on several occasions throughout the lesson! 

5K – Sufyaan K and Sara for excellence in reading. Sufyaan has made really good improvements in summarising what he has read and Sara has maintained her high standards of reading all year. Well done! 

6H - Hafsa Ramzen, Farrah and Rayhan Khan – for their outstanding contribution in the Leavers production so far. 

6W – Simran and Malac – for their dedication to learning their lines in one week – they had a lot of lines to learn and have done it really well!! 

Friday 18th June

RH  Hamza for working hard with his writing. He has used his Fred Fingers to hear lots of sounds and did some amazing work on the hungry caterpillar last week.

Zakariya for playing so nicely with his friends.  

RA  Ibraheem for his amazing writing. He worked really hard on hearing and writing his initial, final and medial sounds and wrote a sentence with help.  

Amirah for her incredible maths skills. She has worked so hard on her maths this year and she loves to explore numbers and particularly enjoys challenging herself to write number sentences.  

1S Musa and Hajrah for their fantastic imaginative writing  

1N   Esa and Yousuf K for their super magic bean writing  

2F   Qurratul and Mikaeel for great teamwork when learning about human and physical geography. 

2B   Eshal and Khadijah for great teamwork when learning about human and physical geography.  

3S  Jesse and Abbas for their fabulous ideas when planning the retell of Spartacus 

3HE  Musa and Fatima for excellent effort in their writing, especially their handwriting (it is a huge improvement since Jan).  

4F  Hammad and Haadiya for their fabulous Beatriz Milhazes art work. 

4A  Eshaan and Zayna for brilliant work collecting and recording their own data in Maths using two different types of graph to see why different graphs work for different things 

5L Aaliyah and Robert for an excellent effort when learning about Life Cycles.

5K Maila and Haseeb for excellent maths work subtracting decimals to solve problems. 

6H Raihan K and Veer for knowledgeable and interesting ideas when discussing the ‘Theory of Evolution’ in science. 

6W Hafsa and Umaiyyah for their beautifully presented science work all about variation, adaptation and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  

Mrs Hudson Evan's stars: Milena and Farah for their fantastic work on time.  

Friday 28th May

NUR AM  Azeem, Hasan, and Zayn  for brilliant, collaborative building.

NUR PM   Naomi for wonderful drawing.  

RH  Saheim for working hard in phonics and persevering to write his sounds using correct letter formation. I can really see how hard he tries everyday!  

Usman  brilliant language acquisition since he started in December. Usman came to St John’s from Spain and has picked up so much imaginative language from his play and speaking to his friends. I am very proud of how much he has learnt in a short time.  

RA  Alia for her fantastic writing. We wrote our own endings to the gingerbread man and her ending was so creative! She has worked hard on her writing and she is independently using her sounds and writing beautifully with finger spaces. 

1S Hannah and Umaimah for their beautiful art work  

1N  Lavinia for settling in well this week 

Ahmed for trying really hard with his reading at home 

2F Maryam and Lutfiyah for amazing work on new vocabulary from our Katie Morag story. 

2B Halima and Inayah for their work on fractions in maths 

3S Hawwa and Rehaan for brilliant effort with their maths this week. 

3HE Hrudy and Manmeet for brilliant mosaics 

4F Blake and Kholsuma for their perseverance in Maths this week, we tackled both the expanded and compact methods and they are not easy to get your head around.

4A  Mariam and Adaam for being superstars all week. They’ve both been up the zone board constantly and are always the first ones ready without being prompted. They are also super kind to everyone and look out for everyone. 

5L  Musa and Robert for amazing geography work finding the Amazon rainforest on maps of South America.

5K Aisha and Eesa for fantastic shading and sketching 

6H - Laiba, Haaris, Hafsah for working hard on their Blitz skyine art work.

6W – Amar, Amaan and Hunor for working hard on their Blitz skyline art work. 

Friday 30th April

NUR AM- Zoya and Success for making patterns with the colourful compare bears 

NUR PM - Daniyal for using the Makaton sign for car and showing superb social skills. Aadam for great building skills and DIY role play (which includes an excellent impression of a drill).  

RH  - Ishaq and Daniyal for tackling challenges every day in RH. The boys love getting stamps (5 stamps = a prize) and have tried a challenge every day and filling their learning journals with lots of amazing work. Well done boys for challenging yourselves!  

RA- Muhammad Salman for being such a super writer this week. He put in lots of effort and had lots of enthusiasm for his writing this week where he made a story map for his own version of the gingerbread man with a donut as the main character.  

Ariyanna- being an amazing maths magician! She has worked so hard on her numbers and did some fantastic taking away number sentences this week.  

1S - Zakariya and Inaaya for being amazing alchemists and making invisibility potions using their measurement knowledge! 

1N  Esa and Yousuf K for their wonderful potion making! They measured the ingredients with great accuracy.  

2F  Maryam and Ayesha for settling so well into a new class and school.  

2B Sudais and Rehaan for a super contribution to a class discussion about Ramadan.

3S Hania and Rayyan for supporting their partners with their computer research about light and shadow. 

3HE  Hareem and Zunairah for creating wonderful shadow puppets when learning about light and shadow. 

4F  Ehan and Aria for their awesome acrostic poems about the holy month of Ramadan.  

4A  Maram for settling in so brilliantly and creating a beautiful acrostic poem about Ramadan. Josiah for working incredibly hard on his science experiment to find conductors and insulators he even made some instructions so other people could try it out.

5L Robert and Fatima– for superstar coding using hour of code!  

5K Aliviyah and Laura for brilliant coding work. 

6H Qasim and Hafsah H – for excellent attitude and skill during cricket coaching 

6W  Safiyyah and Simran for excellent listening and effort during cricket coaching

Friday 12th March 2021

NUR - Shivam for brilliant number work 

 Bareeha for doing lots of Padlet work during lockdown 

Armaan for working hard on Padlet during lockdown 

RH  - Ruqaiya and Aizah for working really hard on the creative table after reading ‘The Little Red Hen’. 

RA – Haaniya and Meran for being super artists painting little red hens. 

1S - Zayn and Amaima for working so hard in our new topic and producing fantastic animal fact files.  

1N  - Esa for his super Zebra fact file and his effort with writing.  

2F   Ruqayyah and Alainah for super self portraits. 

2B Amelia and Ratneev for super self portraits. 

3S Ruqayyah and Farhaan for learning their tier 2 vocabulary through the dice game.

3HE  Ruqayyah and Hrudy for creating a lovely forgiveness tree. 

4F  Eesa and Ayaan for their great river poems. 

4A  Aizah and Shubomi for incredible attitudes in Maths. 

5L  Kavya and Inayah, for not only trying hard to live by our school values every day, but for completing some amazing art work based on them! 

5K Mustafa for settling so well into St John’s in his first ‘in school’ week. Siam for showing our value of friendship and being helpful and kind to Mustafa. 

6H Sam and Rayhan for thoughtful contributions when investigating historical sources. 

6W - Milena and Maria for a fantastic retelling of the Ancient myth of Osiris and Isis. 


26th February 2021 Stars of the week 

NUR AM- Khadija - for enthusiasm in play and her storytelling.  

Aadam – for his enthusiasm for play and trying lots of activities on Padlet (including brilliantly acting out a plant growing) 

NUR PM  - Maryam for learning new words and engaging in all activities with parents. 

 Tanisha- for showing a 'can do' attitude to home learning. 

RH  - Hussain for attending our new reading group and for practising his sounds using his special phonics cards. Aliza for working hard in her new reading group.

  RA Mikaeel for attending his reading group and answering lots of questions about our book. 

Muhammad for working really hard in his reading group and for practising his phonics at home.  

1S  Inaaya and Sara for their incredible reading on Teams and persevering with some really tricky words

1N Yusrah for creating a fabulous story throughout the week. 

2F  Eliza for some wonderful geography work on the continent of Africa. 

Huda for some super work on 2D shape. 

2B Sufiyan and Inayah – for working hard with their home learning, despite having technical issues. 

3S Zamun and Arsalan for always coming to reading and putting in massive effort with their reading and engagement. They are both great at talking about  what is happening in the story. 

3HE   Re’neya and Abubakr- for being very enthusiastic about reading- persevering and remembering their phonics sounds. 

4F  Japdeep and Ridhi for trying really hard and putting their best efforts into all their work.

4A  Ibrahim and Bismillaha for always working hard and persevering especially in reading groups. 

5L  Sufyan and Muhammad for their presentations about the solar system. 

5K Leah and Aniba for excellent explanations and place value work with 6 digit numbers.

6H - Sam and Qasim for their amazing research on the Nile.  

6W -  Kofi and Umar for their tremendous effort in reading sessions.   

Mrs Seymour’s star -  Aisha RA for her fabulous 3D paintings. 

Friday 12th February 2021

NUR AM – Zoya for deep focus in her play and drawing a wonderful, pink dinosaur.  

Rumeha for enthusiasm for her play including imaginative role play. Plus, she has impressed us by working hard on her drawing that included arms, legs, and hair. We love the smiles on her drawings too! 

NUR PM - Ibrahim for his growth in confidence, commitment to Reading Planet, and joy for play including playing with dinosaurs. 

Zakariya for his enthusiasm for the outdoors and outdoor play including playing in the garden or going for a walk on a daily basis. 


RH - Aadam for amazing perseverance when writing his number 2.

RA – Zarah for her amazing work on padlet this week. She has been very busy at home and always works hard which is fantastic! 

Muntaha for working super hard at home. She’s reading every day and is making amazing progress on her maths using numbots and completing the work at home. She is also learning Arabic at home and is very excited to come back to school and teach us.  

1S Aadam for his brilliant attitude to learning in school and brilliant natural collage. Musa for his constant hard work at home across all subjects. 

1N Dawud for his super effort during our guided reading sessions. 

2F Lutfiyah for incredible geography work on continents and Asia. Owais A for amazing geography work on continents and Europe. 

2B Milad and Aleeza for amazing creative work in response to the non-fiction text How Birds Fly. 

3S Fatimah H and Joel for challenging themselves in Maths. 

3HE  - Musa for his amazing imovie about how honey is made. He made it with Samuel (3S) who is also star of the week as they worked together.  

4F  Inaya J and Yuvraj, for their amazing attitudes to learning and participating in every lesson enthusiastically, hence their excellent work.  

4A  Manha and Ehsan for always blowing me away with their Maths work. They always try their hardest in everything they do and do it with a smile. 

5L  - Ismail and Iqra – for amazing contributions during Guided Reading. They have impressed me so much with their dedication and enthusiasm.  

5K - Adam and Yahyaa for completing all their school work every single day since Christmas.

6H - Isa and Eeman for writing an amazing non-chronological report on Tigers. 

6W – Maria and Isa for their fabulous reports about tigers.  

Mrs O's star  - Jessica for her positive attitude all week.

4th February 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM- Ankit for brilliant drawings and number work.  

NUR PM  - Umamah for working so hard with her reading on Reading Planet  

RH Mustafa for working so hard all week on Padlet. Umar for showing super PSE skills (in line with Mental Health Week). We had to show our different emotions using our faces.  

RA Ismaeel for his hard work and fantastic reading on reading planet. Munaam for her super handwriting.  

1S Mohsin and Aarav for their brilliant writing 

1N   Laaibah for her great Superhero character design using adjectives. Junaid for his effort and enthusiasm during Marvellous Maths sessions.  

2F  Rayyan Z and Zunaira for fantastic reading on Reading Planet as well as school books at home. 

2B Janat and Aleena for super creativity during Children’s Mental Health week 

3S  Huzaifa and Ava for their positive affirmation work for Children’s Mental Health Week. 

3HE  Marcel and Safiya for their excellent effort in reading. They’ve worked really hard to use expression and to make sure they’re being accurate when they read.

4F Jumana and Izyan for attending all their reading sessions. 

4A  Laiba and Gurleen for being positive and always trying their hardest. They always speak really positively to everyone else and are like little rays of sunshine in the team! 

5L Habib and Iman for super independent research projects 

5K Sharnayha and Amira for fantastic responses to The Giant’s Necklace story.  

6H Haaris and Dylan for participating in every aspect of remote learning from registration to reading groups to handing in work on time to getting stuck into Mental Health Week. 

6W -  Ayaan for his excellent research, note making and independent writing all about Tigers . 

Malac for her enthusiastic participation during Children’s mental health week. She took part in singing, HIIT, yoga and produced some lovely art work.

29th January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM-  Amira for showing great confidence in her play including a brilliant animal noises video and Zoeya for wonderful block and snow play and practising her name. 

NUR PM  - Rayyan  for brilliance in physical activities including snow play, yoga and playdough and Ajwa  for working hard on Numbots, making instruments, role playing cooking and even making real pizza! 

RH  Asiya for her fantastic work on Padlet. She has been posting pictures everyday showing how hard she is working. Asiya has shown determination with her handwriting. She has also worked on ‘ar’ and the tricky split sound ‘a-e’.  

RA - Eliza for her hard work on Padlet and her fantastic snow cave. She has worked so hard at her maths this week. Yaseen has also been working hard at home this week and has made so much progress with his writing at home.  

1S Alisha and Wahib for working so hard on their writing at home 

1N   Shafiqah for her super effort at improving her letter formation at home.  

2F  Yaqub for an incredible Aztec Sunstone and Mikaeel for a brilliant piece of work on compound words.

2B Aminah for her super research about the history of chocolate. 

3S Jesse and Ehsan for their Ancient Greece posters. 

3HE  Hamza and Rahim for their Ancient Greece posters 

4F  Ifrahim and Pranati for their super contributions to lessons during the teaching sessions. 

4A  Habibha and Theo for amazing art work when making dragon’s eyes. 

5L Alesha and Kavya for awesome Dragon Art 

5K Aleena and Amesh for great work on fractions 

6H  Haadi and Sophia for being super helpful, supportive and kind on Teams 

6W – Fiza – for her fabulous human body Powerpoint and Zayan for continually handing in excellent quality work every day and for making a super quiz that the class could complete. 

22nd January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM- Saif and Warisha for enthusiasm for learning through play and for brilliant shape and phonics work.

NUR PM  - Naila and Laiba for enthusiasm for PE and dancing. 

RH Amal for working really hard with mum on Padlet especially with phonics. They have been working together watching all the youtube phonics videos and Amal loves watching her teachers. Zaryab for working really hard this week on Padlet. He even created his own planet (following on from our book the Smeds and the Smoods) 

RA Hannah and Turab for working so hard at home and using all remote learning resources every day.  Super proud of them both 

1S Mariyah and Rayyan for working hard at home and persevering in all subjects  

1N  Hafsa Ali and Muzammil for their super effort with writing and their maths work.  

2F  Eliza for a wonderful start at St Johns. She has worked hard and made new friends. Zayyan for a thoughtful piece of RE work on fairness. 

2B Jaya for working so hard at home . Ali for a super story matrix. 

3S Zerina and Sulaiman for their solutions on how to mend the world in RE. 

3HE  Hareem and Aavai for their brilliant English work on apostrophes.

4F  Hammad and Aruba for persisting with their online learning and attending all the meetings.

4A Alisha and Amelia for incredible effort and perseverance in Maths   

5L Manveer and Yakeen for consistently working hard and producing amazing work remotely. 

5K Immarius and Iman for thoughtful RE work. 

6H Sarim and Taybah for incredible descriptive writing about Victorian London.  

6W -Inayah and Ahmad for consistently working hard and handing and their assignments every day without fail. . 



15th January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR Subhaan for brilliant Sound of the Week and shape work, Syeda Fatima for excellent shape work, drawing and singing, Amaad for finding lots of lovely shiny things.  

RA Aisha and Rayyan for accessing all remote learning every day. Padlet, Numbots and reading planet. 

RH Aayan and Sahibdeep for uploading work on to Padlet every day. Working so hard with Phonics, Maths and handwriting. 

1S Safurah and Haniya for super sentences with beautiful handwriting.  

1N Maria and Hawwa for their fabulous effort and enthusiasm for home learning.  

2F  Iqra and Mariyah for their commitment to going on TT Rockstars every day since beginning of Lockdown. 

2B Zarrah and Hamza for working hard at home and being super independent learners. 

3S Eliza and Zainab for their RE Sikhism work 

3HE Muhammad and Dante – for being mature, independent learners and showing a great attitude towards their work, even when things are different  

4A Ayaan and Eshaan for brilliant writing all about the Vikings 

4F Ehan and Hasnain for their consistency and commitment attitude to home learning.  

5L Khizerhayat and Aliyah for amazing descriptive writing based on the story of Aladdin. 

5K Sara and Yahyaa for excellent standards of work at home. 

6W - Sabah and Simran – for their excellent diary entries 

6H Ahyan and Hafsah for always completing their work to an incredible standard

Ahyan Year 6

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