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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Stars of the week

On a Friday morning, St John's joins together to celebrate our 'Stars of the Week'. We think it is important to share our children's 'God-given talents' and praise those who have succeeded in any area of school life. For some, it is the standard of their work we are celebrating, for others it is their attitude to school and for others it is in the way they have shown they are living out the school values.


While we have been in lockdown, we have continued to carry out our Collective worships on Teams Live. On the website, you can see who our stars are and why. Keep scrolling and you can also see examples of their incredible work. Every week the accomplishments are different, and every week we feel so proud of what has been achieved.

Friday 12th March 2021

NUR - Shivam for brilliant number work 

 Bareeha for doing lots of Padlet work during lockdown 

Armaan for working hard on Padlet during lockdown 

RH  - Ruqaiya and Aizah for working really hard on the creative table after reading ‘The Little Red Hen’. 

RA – Haaniya and Meran for being super artists painting little red hens. 

1S - Zayn and Amaima for working so hard in our new topic and producing fantastic animal fact files.  

1N  - Esa for his super Zebra fact file and his effort with writing.  

2F   Ruqayyah and Alainah for super self portraits. 

2B Amelia and Ratneev for super self portraits. 

3S Ruqayyah and Farhaan for learning their tier 2 vocabulary through the dice game.

3HE  Ruqayyah and Hrudy for creating a lovely forgiveness tree. 

4F  Eesa and Ayaan for their great river poems. 

4A  Aizah and Shubomi for incredible attitudes in Maths. 

5L  Kavya and Inayah, for not only trying hard to live by our school values every day, but for completing some amazing art work based on them! 

5K Mustafa for settling so well into St John’s in his first ‘in school’ week. Siam for showing our value of friendship and being helpful and kind to Mustafa. 

6H Sam and Rayhan for thoughtful contributions when investigating historical sources. 

6W - Milena and Maria for a fantastic retelling of the Ancient myth of Osiris and Isis. 


26th February 2021 Stars of the week 

NUR AM- Khadija - for enthusiasm in play and her storytelling.  

Aadam – for his enthusiasm for play and trying lots of activities on Padlet (including brilliantly acting out a plant growing) 

NUR PM  - Maryam for learning new words and engaging in all activities with parents. 

 Tanisha- for showing a 'can do' attitude to home learning. 

RH  - Hussain for attending our new reading group and for practising his sounds using his special phonics cards. Aliza for working hard in her new reading group.

  RA Mikaeel for attending his reading group and answering lots of questions about our book. 

Muhammad for working really hard in his reading group and for practising his phonics at home.  

1S  Inaaya and Sara for their incredible reading on Teams and persevering with some really tricky words

1N Yusrah for creating a fabulous story throughout the week. 

2F  Eliza for some wonderful geography work on the continent of Africa. 

Huda for some super work on 2D shape. 

2B Sufiyan and Inayah – for working hard with their home learning, despite having technical issues. 

3S Zamun and Arsalan for always coming to reading and putting in massive effort with their reading and engagement. They are both great at talking about  what is happening in the story. 

3HE   Re’neya and Abubakr- for being very enthusiastic about reading- persevering and remembering their phonics sounds. 

4F  Japdeep and Ridhi for trying really hard and putting their best efforts into all their work.

4A  Ibrahim and Bismillaha for always working hard and persevering especially in reading groups. 

5L  Sufyan and Muhammad for their presentations about the solar system. 

5K Leah and Aniba for excellent explanations and place value work with 6 digit numbers.

6H - Sam and Qasim for their amazing research on the Nile.  

6W -  Kofi and Umar for their tremendous effort in reading sessions.   

Mrs Seymour’s star -  Aisha RA for her fabulous 3D paintings. 

Friday 12th February 2021

NUR AM – Zoya for deep focus in her play and drawing a wonderful, pink dinosaur.  

Rumeha for enthusiasm for her play including imaginative role play. Plus, she has impressed us by working hard on her drawing that included arms, legs, and hair. We love the smiles on her drawings too! 

NUR PM - Ibrahim for his growth in confidence, commitment to Reading Planet, and joy for play including playing with dinosaurs. 

Zakariya for his enthusiasm for the outdoors and outdoor play including playing in the garden or going for a walk on a daily basis. 


RH - Aadam for amazing perseverance when writing his number 2.

RA – Zarah for her amazing work on padlet this week. She has been very busy at home and always works hard which is fantastic! 

Muntaha for working super hard at home. She’s reading every day and is making amazing progress on her maths using numbots and completing the work at home. She is also learning Arabic at home and is very excited to come back to school and teach us.  

1S Aadam for his brilliant attitude to learning in school and brilliant natural collage. Musa for his constant hard work at home across all subjects. 

1N Dawud for his super effort during our guided reading sessions. 

2F Lutfiyah for incredible geography work on continents and Asia. Owais A for amazing geography work on continents and Europe. 

2B Milad and Aleeza for amazing creative work in response to the non-fiction text How Birds Fly. 

3S Fatimah H and Joel for challenging themselves in Maths. 

3HE  - Musa for his amazing imovie about how honey is made. He made it with Samuel (3S) who is also star of the week as they worked together.  

4F  Inaya J and Yuvraj, for their amazing attitudes to learning and participating in every lesson enthusiastically, hence their excellent work.  

4A  Manha and Ehsan for always blowing me away with their Maths work. They always try their hardest in everything they do and do it with a smile. 

5L  - Ismail and Iqra – for amazing contributions during Guided Reading. They have impressed me so much with their dedication and enthusiasm.  

5K - Adam and Yahyaa for completing all their school work every single day since Christmas.

6H - Isa and Eeman for writing an amazing non-chronological report on Tigers. 

6W – Maria and Isa for their fabulous reports about tigers.  

Mrs O's star  - Jessica for her positive attitude all week.

4th February 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM- Ankit for brilliant drawings and number work.  

NUR PM  - Umamah for working so hard with her reading on Reading Planet  

RH Mustafa for working so hard all week on Padlet. Umar for showing super PSE skills (in line with Mental Health Week). We had to show our different emotions using our faces.  

RA Ismaeel for his hard work and fantastic reading on reading planet. Munaam for her super handwriting.  

1S Mohsin and Aarav for their brilliant writing 

1N   Laaibah for her great Superhero character design using adjectives. Junaid for his effort and enthusiasm during Marvellous Maths sessions.  

2F  Rayyan Z and Zunaira for fantastic reading on Reading Planet as well as school books at home. 

2B Janat and Aleena for super creativity during Children’s Mental Health week 

3S  Huzaifa and Ava for their positive affirmation work for Children’s Mental Health Week. 

3HE  Marcel and Safiya for their excellent effort in reading. They’ve worked really hard to use expression and to make sure they’re being accurate when they read.

4F Jumana and Izyan for attending all their reading sessions. 

4A  Laiba and Gurleen for being positive and always trying their hardest. They always speak really positively to everyone else and are like little rays of sunshine in the team! 

5L Habib and Iman for super independent research projects 

5K Sharnayha and Amira for fantastic responses to The Giant’s Necklace story.  

6H Haaris and Dylan for participating in every aspect of remote learning from registration to reading groups to handing in work on time to getting stuck into Mental Health Week. 

6W -  Ayaan for his excellent research, note making and independent writing all about Tigers . 

Malac for her enthusiastic participation during Children’s mental health week. She took part in singing, HIIT, yoga and produced some lovely art work.

29th January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM-  Amira for showing great confidence in her play including a brilliant animal noises video and Zoeya for wonderful block and snow play and practising her name. 

NUR PM  - Rayyan  for brilliance in physical activities including snow play, yoga and playdough and Ajwa  for working hard on Numbots, making instruments, role playing cooking and even making real pizza! 

RH  Asiya for her fantastic work on Padlet. She has been posting pictures everyday showing how hard she is working. Asiya has shown determination with her handwriting. She has also worked on ‘ar’ and the tricky split sound ‘a-e’.  

RA - Eliza for her hard work on Padlet and her fantastic snow cave. She has worked so hard at her maths this week. Yaseen has also been working hard at home this week and has made so much progress with his writing at home.  

1S Alisha and Wahib for working so hard on their writing at home 

1N   Shafiqah for her super effort at improving her letter formation at home.  

2F  Yaqub for an incredible Aztec Sunstone and Mikaeel for a brilliant piece of work on compound words.

2B Aminah for her super research about the history of chocolate. 

3S Jesse and Ehsan for their Ancient Greece posters. 

3HE  Hamza and Rahim for their Ancient Greece posters 

4F  Ifrahim and Pranati for their super contributions to lessons during the teaching sessions. 

4A  Habibha and Theo for amazing art work when making dragon’s eyes. 

5L Alesha and Kavya for awesome Dragon Art 

5K Aleena and Amesh for great work on fractions 

6H  Haadi and Sophia for being super helpful, supportive and kind on Teams 

6W – Fiza – for her fabulous human body Powerpoint and Zayan for continually handing in excellent quality work every day and for making a super quiz that the class could complete. 

22nd January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR AM- Saif and Warisha for enthusiasm for learning through play and for brilliant shape and phonics work.

NUR PM  - Naila and Laiba for enthusiasm for PE and dancing. 

RH Amal for working really hard with mum on Padlet especially with phonics. They have been working together watching all the youtube phonics videos and Amal loves watching her teachers. Zaryab for working really hard this week on Padlet. He even created his own planet (following on from our book the Smeds and the Smoods) 

RA Hannah and Turab for working so hard at home and using all remote learning resources every day.  Super proud of them both 

1S Mariyah and Rayyan for working hard at home and persevering in all subjects  

1N  Hafsa Ali and Muzammil for their super effort with writing and their maths work.  

2F  Eliza for a wonderful start at St Johns. She has worked hard and made new friends. Zayyan for a thoughtful piece of RE work on fairness. 

2B Jaya for working so hard at home . Ali for a super story matrix. 

3S Zerina and Sulaiman for their solutions on how to mend the world in RE. 

3HE  Hareem and Aavai for their brilliant English work on apostrophes.

4F  Hammad and Aruba for persisting with their online learning and attending all the meetings.

4A Alisha and Amelia for incredible effort and perseverance in Maths   

5L Manveer and Yakeen for consistently working hard and producing amazing work remotely. 

5K Immarius and Iman for thoughtful RE work. 

6H Sarim and Taybah for incredible descriptive writing about Victorian London.  

6W -Inayah and Ahmad for consistently working hard and handing and their assignments every day without fail. . 



15th January 2021 Stars of the week

NUR Subhaan for brilliant Sound of the Week and shape work, Syeda Fatima for excellent shape work, drawing and singing, Amaad for finding lots of lovely shiny things.  

RA Aisha and Rayyan for accessing all remote learning every day. Padlet, Numbots and reading planet. 

RH Aayan and Sahibdeep for uploading work on to Padlet every day. Working so hard with Phonics, Maths and handwriting. 

1S Safurah and Haniya for super sentences with beautiful handwriting.  

1N Maria and Hawwa for their fabulous effort and enthusiasm for home learning.  

2F  Iqra and Mariyah for their commitment to going on TT Rockstars every day since beginning of Lockdown. 

2B Zarrah and Hamza for working hard at home and being super independent learners. 

3S Eliza and Zainab for their RE Sikhism work 

3HE Muhammad and Dante – for being mature, independent learners and showing a great attitude towards their work, even when things are different  

4A Ayaan and Eshaan for brilliant writing all about the Vikings 

4F Ehan and Hasnain for their consistency and commitment attitude to home learning.  

5L Khizerhayat and Aliyah for amazing descriptive writing based on the story of Aladdin. 

5K Sara and Yahyaa for excellent standards of work at home. 

6W - Sabah and Simran – for their excellent diary entries 

6H Ahyan and Hafsah for always completing their work to an incredible standard

Ahyan Year 6

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