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Spelling, punctuation and grammar links

These are the National Curriculum guidance documents for spelling, punctuation and grammar. For spellings, children need to be able to spell the Year 3-4 words and the Year 5-6 words. They will also need to be able to use the spelling rules listed.

Here are lots of interactive games, videos and activities to work on your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.


Word Classes - Newspaper Report Game


Comic Book Grammar


Trapped Nouns and Adjectives


Noun Explorer


This link takes you to LOTS of different Grammar games!


Lots of different games/videos about Grammar and Punctuation (click on the options at the top to go to specific sections e.g Nouns; Verbs; Colons).


Espresso - there are LOTS of videos, games and activities on here! Choose which section you want to learn about/work on. Lots of the games work on tablets/ipads, but some don't, so you'll have to see which ones you need a computer for. 


This KS2 BBC Bitesize link has hundreds of sub-links about spelling, punctuation and grammar. A great resource!


Click here for a graet downloadable SPAG question generator.