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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Remote Learning Week Beginning 10th January 2022

Year 2 Remote Learning wk beginning 10th January 2022

Hi Year 2,


Here is your remote learning for this week if you are isolating, but remember, you don't have to complete any work at home if you feel poorly! Make sure your grown ups let the school office know if you are isolating. Mrs Large will check in with them via e-mail over the next few days to check you are all ok.



Please follow this link. You can complete one lesson per day:



Your class are focussing on measure. Here are some videos and activities for you to try (more will be added throughout the week):


Then have a go at the suggestions below. (If you were isolating last week you may have already done the ideas listed below. You don't need to do them again unless you want to. Keep checking back for more maths throughout the week.)


Here are some measuring activities you can do at home:

You can measure to compare things and see which is longer and which is shorter. If you have a ruler or a measuring tape that's great, but you can also use strips of paper, or something like cubes or building blocks or even toy cars etc. (e.g. the cereal box is 3 toy cars long but the bag of flour is only 2 toy cars long. This means the cereal box is longer than the bag of flour. The bag of flour is shorter.) 

It would be great if you could make a list of things around the house that are smaller than a metre, and a list of things that are bigger than a metre - you might need a grown up to show you roughly how big a meter is, and then estimate. 


Revision Lessons:
Here are some lessons revising concepts you learned earlier in the year:

Watch the video via the link and then scroll down to the bottom of this page for the worksheet. If you can print them off that’s great, but please don’t worry if you can’t. You can just write the answers on paper or a blank BGfL document. Please also note that the worksheet documents don't always upload in the correct order - make sure you are using the worksheet that matches the video lesson.

  1. Count objects to 100: (first half of sheet - count objects to 100)
  2. Read and write numbers to 100: (second half of sheet – read and write numbers to 100)
  3. Represent numbers to 100:
  4. Tens and Ones with a Part-Whole model:
  5. Tens and ones using addition:


Don't forget to spend time on TT Rockstars too!


Topic and RE:

I suggest choosing one or two of these tasks per day.


History - Chocolate

Chocolate was not invented in Birmingham by Cadburys! It was invented by an Ancient Civilisation (group of people who lived a long time ago) called the Aztecs.



Who were the Aztecs and where did they come from?

Look at the following information and write/draw/present some information about them.,empire%20in%20the%2015th%20century.

Watch these:


History of Art

Watch this interesting video about Aztec art.  What kind of artefacts can you see?

You may need the school log in for Espresso:

Username: student5033

Password: stjohns



Design and create a fierce Aztec mask (the Aztecs were very famous for these – look at some on the British Museum in London: )

Watch these videos to give you some ideas:




Task 1

Last week we learned that the Aztecs came from modern day Mexico. Follow Barnaby Bear as he visits Mexico:   

What facts have you learned?

For more information, look at this page:,ingredients%20in%20many%20Mexican%20dishes.

Have a look at the Mexican Flag. Do you know the story of the flag? Draw your own Mexican flag on paper or on JIT 5


Task 2

Festivals and Traditions

What can you find out about modern day Mexican festivals? How and why do people celebrate them?

Day of the Dead

Cinco De Mayo:


Music and Dance

Find out about the traditional music of Mexico here:

Listen to traditional Mariachi music here:    

What kind of instruments can you hear? Look at the dancing, this is also traditional.




What do Christians believe about fairness?  What do Christians believe about forgiveness? Is forgiveness fair?

Watch the story of the Unforgiving Servant to help you to think about these questions.