St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Remote Learning

Remote Learning is what happens in any of these circumstances:


- Your child is having to self-isolate because of Covid in their household.

- Your child's bubble has been sent home from school.

- We are in lockdown and the school is closed.


The documents below outline what Remote Learning at St John's looks like. It tells you:


- How we intend to teach your child.

- How your child can find work.

- How your child can send in work to be marked.


We have divided our Remote Learning into three categories:

1) Nursery- Year 1

2) Year 2- Year 6.

3) The Seedling/Sunflower Hubs- children who attend the hubs will have work set on Padlet and on the website.


We believe that these three categories help children to receive effective Remote Learning in an age and developmentally-appropriate way.


How else will we keep in touch with you during lockdown?


- We will have a collective worship or assembly on a Monday and Friday morning at 9am. Links will be sent out the day before so that you can join on any internet-enabled device. You will not need to log in.


- We will send out regular ParentMails.


- Our Facebook page (accessed from our Home page) will be updated regularly, and we will give you and your children opportunities to send in pictures and run competitions so that you still feel part of the St John's Family.


- Our website is updated frequently. All letters are added, and also put under Latest News.


- Class pages on the website contain messages and challenges for your children and these are updated daily.


- In Years 2-6, staff will use the Class Team board to post messages to all of the children. They will see them in Teams meetings.


- In Nursery- Year 1, staff will call your child every week to check how they are getting on with the work on Padlet.



You will always be able to reach us at or 0121 675 1469.

We are here to help.

What happens if my child does not engage?


Nursery- Year 1:

  • A member of staff will call each week to check in on you and your child. They will talk to your child about their learning and encourage them to join in.
  • Reading groups will be run, and if your child does not participate, a member of staff will call to support in child in accessing the group.


Years 2- Year 6:

  • All children will be expected in the daily registration session. Any child not in the meeting will be called the same day to find out if they need support.
  • Teachers will be clear about what work needs to be submitted and any child not handing in work will be called, or a paper copy brought around to their house.
  • If a member of staff cannot get a reply from you for two consecutive days, and you have not called the office, we will visit your home to check that you are ok.