St John's C of E Primary School

Reading links

Whether your child is an avid reader, a reluctant reader or somewhere in between, it is often useful to have an idea of books that are available and suitable for their age and stage of reading. The websites below, whilst not exhaustive, are easy to use and may provide you with books to encourage and excite your reader.


The Book Trust

The School Reading List

Love Reading 4 kids

Children’s Book Council

Here are lots of links to help support your practising your reading skills:


BBC Bitesize KS2 Comprehension


This link has all the past SATs papers. Using the reading papers (or even parts of the papers) are a great help. We have been using the papers from 2013, so if you'd like to use them, choose papers from 2012 or before.


There are hundreds of one-sheet comprehensions on this website - choose from the options on the left-hand side for which topic you would like a comprehension about.


You can use some of these comprehensions on The School Run website for free. You can then choose a 14 day trial for £1.79 for hundreds more comprehensions. Please do not purchase a full membership!


Click here for a great downloadble reading question generator.