St John's C of E Primary School

Monday 20th April



It's the first week of our Summer term and the third week of 'Schooling from Home'.


We hope that the last two weeks have brought you some rest and that you and your families are safe and well.


Following discussions with yourselves and also my own family and friends we wanted to send you the following message:


Please do not stress about school work. When the children come back we can do school work then...and to be honest the work of Nursery is play. We are really fortunate in the Early Years that the complexities of the curriculum are so simply covered by playing ...and luckily we spend our days with those amazing 3 and 4 year olds of yours who are experts at play! The chatter and the silliness (and even the tears and tantrums) are all part of children's growing and learning. So right now share your calm, share your strength, and share your laughter with your children. No kids are behind. Your child is exactly where they need to be.


In the spirit of play - we have enjoyed making videos. We hope that you find our suggested activities useful but please don't feel you have to get them all done. Some days it might not work for your child. The most important learning at the age is focused on communication, movement, and social-emotional development. This can be achieved in so man ways. You know your child and what works for them.




Weekly Learning Project

Our weekly learning project which is on viewpoints.  This focuses on physical viewpoints (especially when looking out of the window) and is a great opportunity for the children to make some comparisons.


Weekly book and activities

This week's book is Shark in the Park and it links nicely to the viewpoints topic as it's about a very observant little boy. This is the place where will will now save videos that we have made.

This section also has ideas that link our weekly topic to Personal, Social and Emotional Development.