St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Lantern House

The Lantern House

The children attending the Lantern Hub in Court Road, have significant and complex needs. These are children who require a highly individualised curriculum approach differing from that which is offered in the mainstream setting. The children have funded places by the use of a SEN Support Plan or an EHCP. It enables them to attend a low arousal, rigid environment which provides everything that they need in order to become as independent and communicative as possible in order to grow within both the school and wider community.


This has been planned for using the research above and the Autism Education Trust documentation. Links will also be made to the EYFS Curriculum, Birmingham SEND continuum’s and an adapted version of the schools mainstream curriculum.


The advise of SALT, CAT Team and Educational Psychology has been sought in order to meet individual pupils needs and targets.


Children at the Lantern House have a SALT session with a trained therapist once a week - she then trains our staff in delivering individual targets. They also have an engagement focussed drama group, delivered by Open Theatre and a specialist PE session weekly. 


Our Curriculum Planning

The planning in the lantern has Communication and Language at the core of everything it does. With this being the prime area of the children's needs and plans it is crucial that this is a key element of everything that is completed. 

The core planning has been written by the Assistant Headteacher for SEND and a SALT therapist from Talk Therapy working in collaboration. This is then implemented by key worker staff who have a max of 2 children to build on next steps, supported by the Assistant Headteacher and Talk Therapy. 

There is a monthly focus on each story - which the key areas of the curriculum are taken from. 

March 2022 - Brave Little Penguin

April 2022 - Chu's First Day of School