St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


In year 4 we read a story about Lila and the Secret of Rain. We drew a picture based on the book and described what was happening. 

We started our new topic called environmental engineers. We investigated which materials are best to use as a flood barrier. 

Year 4’s electrical games 

We created our own drawings based on the Iron Man story we are reading in year 4 

 Wild Waters - River Poetry

In Year 4, we have been learning all about rivers and the water cycle as part of our Wild Waters topic. We identified the different features of a river at each of its three distinct stages and then gathered lots of amazing vocabulary to describe them. We then used all of this in our English lessons to produce our very own river poems. They sound and look amazing! Have a look for yourself. 


Year 4’s creative mindfulness work 

                 Year 4's amazing remote learning

Coat of arms - communities


Zakat posters - fairness and equality






Snow sculptures




Dragon eyes


Your musical instruments and videos:



Making our own music video links: 

Inaya J:




Year 4’s amazing art work



This term we began our new topic on the Vikings - Raiders. Year 4 have been working really hard learning all about these fierce warriors and produced some amazing work. We also created our own top trumps Viking God cards and designed our own shields. 




                                 Reflection Space 

We have a reflection space in our class so we can self-reflect on our thoughts and feelings. 



                                                School Values 

At St John’s we treat others how you want to be treated and follow key values. Here are some of the values we follow:

                                                 Class Codes 

In our class we have a class code. We all contributed to what sort of place we wanted our class to be like and came up with a list of rules.






                                                    Book Corner 

Our year 4 book corners are full of interesting and exciting books. 


                                                         Dream Jars  
We created our own dream jars and wrote our dreams. 


we made our own silhouette drawings based on the Beowulf story. 






                                Anglo Saxon Brooches

In Year 4 we created our own brooches based on the symmetrical designs and colours used by the Anglo Saxons.





                                                      Junior Medics


This term we have been learning all about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. We designed simple fair tests to find out which drinks are best for our teeth and were pretty surprised by the results!




We set up the experiment and this is what we found :

                                             Egg in water         Egg in fizzy drink           Egg in milk  


                             Which drink do you think is best for our teeth?