St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Friday 5th February 2021


2F - 9.30-10-15am

2B - 10.30-11.15 am



Watch the video and complete the activity.

How Birds Fly:



Today let’s practise our Year 2 common exception words. Have some fun with these mnemonics! They can help us remember how to spell words.

Look at these. Can you make your own posters to help you? You can copy these ones or you can make another silly rhyme for each word.



Log onto reading planet, read a book and do the quiz: Rising Stars - Login (


Log on to Oxford owl, read a book and complete the activity : Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press.

The login for Oxford Owl is stjohnsb11. The Password is kipper




Note: 2F Apologies for the poor sound quality in today's registration. Here is a video explaining some work on division: 



Blue, Green and Red maths groups


Divide by 5

Watch the video have a go at the activity : Spr2.4.3 - Divide by 5 on Vimeo



You can use the 5 x table to help you with your task!

Yellow and Silver maths groups

Adding by counting on

Watch the video and have a go at the activity: Spring1.2.2 - Add by counting on on Vimeo


Play TT Rockstars  Times Tables Rock Stars: Play ( or Numbots- Numbots Game 

Click on the video to learn how to play Numbots - Numbots - YouTube



What to do when you are feeling angry

Sometimes we all feel angry. How can we make ourselves feel better? Watch the video about how these characters overcome the emotion of anger.


Don’t forget to choose and activity with your family for today!


Have a good day! 

Mrs Bata and Mrs Marokova