St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Friday 12th February 2021

Good morning year 2!

Tasks for Today


9.00am - Join Mrs Seymour and Mrs Hedges for a celebration of Stars of the Week .



2F - 9.30-10-15am

2B - 10.30-11.15 am



Watch the video and complete the activity.

How Birds Fly:




Log onto reading planet, read a book and do the quiz: Rising Stars - Login (


Log on to Oxford owl, read a book and complete the activity : Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press.

The login for Oxford Owl is stjohnsb11. The Password is kipper




Blue, Green and Red maths groups


Draw pictograms

Watch the video have a go at the activity : Spr2.6.2 - Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10) on Vimeo

If you feel confident with pictograms, try the challenge!

Yellow and Silver maths groups


Watch the video and have a go at the activity: Spr1.3.5 - Subtraction counting back (crossing 10) on Vimeo

Play TT Rockstars  Times Tables Rock Stars: Play ( or Numbots- Numbots Game 

Click on the video to learn how to play Numbots - Numbots - YouTube



Today, find out about the continents of Africa and Antarctica. We are already Antarctica experts from last term!  



Chinese New Year 

Today it is Chinese New Year! Watch the video to find out about celebrations:


NOTE: For Geography and RE today, please watch the videos but there is no need to do the geography tasks. It is too much! 


Miss Kirby’s Phonics Group

The oy sound


Activity for the oy sound


Have a good day! 

Mrs Bata and Mrs Marokova