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A Year Group at a Glance- a quick way to see coverage of subjects across a year.

These links will show you each year group at a glance.


You will find what subjects are taught in which topics. For more detail on the subjects, you will need to look in the Subject overview section.


Early Years Foundation stage is an amazing time of development for children. By the time they are three, they have learned to crawl, walk, eat, talk and understand you! It's incredible: and the learning journey doesn't stop there!


Throughout your child's first two years at school (in Nursery and Reception), the children do not learn in a traditional way. They will learn through play, and through quality interactions with the adults in the setting.


We have topics that children enjoy, but there is no division of the topics into lessons such as English and Maths. Everything your child is doing in the setting is English- they will be writing (mark-making), speaking and listening, learning to enjoy stories and poems. In the same way, Maths is in everything! Everything is made up of shapes, anything can be counted and measured in all sorts of ways! 


So when your child is building a den, they are learning all sorts of valuable things, and if an adult is building it with them, they will potentially be learning even more. They'll talk about what they're doing and explain their thinking. They'll be judging the size of blanket they need to cover a hole, and experimenting with ways to fix the blanket in place. They'll be negotiating with their peers as they all try and make it their own way, and using lots of their muscles to move things around to make sure they can fit. They will be using their imaginations, and can be encouraged to write invitations to people to visit them in their den, or a label that says, "Keep Out!" They may even decide to use it as a Reading den.


The joy of teaching in the Early Years is that a skilled adult can help each child learn at their own level in different contexts. If a teacher was den-building, they may talk to children about the colour of the blankets, they may count the number of children that need to fit in the den, they may start writing labels or lists and sounding out the words, they will model the language of stories, they will help children to learn to compromise. They will know what each child needs to learn, and will support them to learn it in whatever context the child is playing in. A skilled teacher can do all of that den-building learning whilst building with Lego, or during water play, or whilst eating a snack!


To help you see how a typical child develops, have a look at the website below. Teachers use a document called Development Matters, to ensure your child develops as fully as they can during these key years of learning. Play opportunities are designed by staff and hang on the topics in the Topic overview. There is also flexibility to follow children's interests.

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