Time Off

Leaving school during the day

We are responsible for your children during the school day. They are not allowed to leave school unless they are collected by you or another responsible adult. We ask that they let the office know before leaving the building. If you prefer to be the only adult to collect your child, we need to know. We must also know if this arrangement changes at any time.

Attendance and holidays

Regular attendance is important if your child is to benefit from all the learning opportunities we offer at St John’s School. We monitor attendance very closely every week and all absences must be accounted for. If your child has to be away from school, please let us know the reason. Unexplained absences are followed up with parents as are regular short-term absences. These may require a home visit by the E.S.W. (the Education Social Worker). Please ask to see their identification and remember – he/she is there to help.

Family holidays

The school follows the Local Authority policy which states that holidays during term time are not permitted. Long absences from school can have detrimental effect on standards of work. If you have an exceptional circumstance which gives you no option but to travel during term time, we ask you to discuss this with the school before booking any tickets. The Governors will only authorise leave of absence for up to two weeks in exceptional circumstances. If a child fails to return after two weeks they risk losing their place at St John’s School. The staff work very hard to promote 100% attendance and we appreciate your support in this matter.