Mar 2018

A visit to Sparkhill Library.

This week the morning children visited Sparkhill library.

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Parents and children shared books, by looking at the pictures and reading the stories.

Then later they all joined together and listened to a story read by Mrs Zakers.

Reading to your child sets them up to succeed. The more you read to your child, the more knowledge they absorb, and knowledge is important in all aspects of life……. After all, reading with your child gives them the skills needed for when they start to read themselves.

Joining the library is the best way to do this by offering lots of different books for you to share with your child.

Just ask a member of the Nursery staff for a form or get one from the Library.

Afternoon  children will be going to the Library on Monday the 12th March.


Also this week we had a visit from the animal man

He had  lots of animals for the children to see, hold and feel.



Don’t forget to sign up for  stay and play on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th March.