Mar 2018

‘Through The Rainbow’

We hope you had an enjoyable half term and we welcome you back to a busy and exciting half term.

This term our new topic is ‘Through The Rainbow’. We will be looking at the different colours in the rainbow and around the environment. We will also be looking at different patterns in materials and animal prints.

This week the children have decorated milk cartons with lots of colourful squares to make an ‘Elmer the patchwork elephant’. Come and look at them hanging up in the nursery.

We also used our gross motor development to draw patterns on the floor. The children have to move their arms up and down, around and side to side to strengthen their muscles, also creating some lovely colourful work at the same time.

Mrs Price bought in her pet tortoise ‘Gem’ this week. They listened to Mrs Price talk about how she cares for her at home and what she likes and dislikes. The children touched her shell and could tell us how she felt.

It was ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday and we were looking at the different books written by David McKee. The children got to dress up as one of the characters in his stories or other books they enjoy reading at home or in nursery.

We also made a collaborative piece of work. We glued lots of colorful squares to make one huge Elmer.