Jul 2017

Our Final Farewell!!

Where has the time gone? We cannot believe our time with the children has come to an end. We are  delighted with how much the children have developed and grown into such lovely girls and boys. We have lots of lovely memories with the children. They were all superstars when we performed our Christmas Nativity. they loved seeing the animal man with his wonderful creatures and enjoyed the Riverside Theatre’s performance of Elmer the Elephant. We had a fabulous time searching for Easter Eggs in our Easter Egg hunt. The children had a great time celebrating Eid with their families and loved telling everyone about their celebrations. Our trip to Broomey Croft Farm was brilliant. The children had a fantastic time seeing the animals and feeding them too if they felt brave! We would like to say a big thank you to those parents who have helped on our numerous walks and trips.

The children are now ready for their next steps in their learning journey and we wish them all the best in their Reception classes.

Jul 2017

Broomey Croft Farm

Broomey Croft Farm

Nursery went to Broomey Croft Children’s Farm this week. We were finding out and exploring about different animals at the farm. Some children engaged in new experiences by hand feeding the animals. the farmer took us out on the tractor, we had to look to  see how many scarecrows we could find. The nursery staff wish to thank all the parents who came to help us.



















































































Enjoying our lunch















Then more fun on the tractor and the play area.



































Then finally back on the coach going back to nursery… exhausted. 








Jun 2017

Duck in the Truck

Duck in the Truck

This week we are reading Duck in the truck. 

The author uses rhyming words to tell the story. The duck gets his truck stuck in the muck and his friends come to help him out.

The children played in the role play with our own truck…


The children have been trying new healthy foods such as sugar snap peas at snack time…


The children have been experimenting with shapes to create their own pictures…

Sebby has been helping the children with their phonics….

Even though it was raining the children still went outside to play and get some fresh air…


We rode around on the hobby horses and sang into the microphones on the stage we made using wooden bricks.

The children have been drawing themselves ready to put into their reports which will be coming home before the end of term.

To develop our gross motor skills the children do Motor Move It where they draw patterns to music….


Remember next week is the Farm trip!

Jun 2017

Round and Round and Off we go!

This week we went with reception around the park with a variety of bikes, scooters, pushchairs and suitcases. Lots of children were very good at riding their scooters and bikes, they enjoyed keeping up with each other making it really fun. The children were very tired afterwards but enjoyed a lovely drink of juice and a biscuit whilst they sat in the shade in the nursery garden.

Thank you to all the parents who came and helped us on such a hot sunny day.



Jun 2017

The Train Ride

The Train Ride

Image result for the train ride book

Our topic is all about transport and this week we will be reading the story  The Train Ride.

Come aboard for the train ride. There is so much to see and someone very special waiting at the end!

The children started their day by sharing a story The Train Ride. Then we discussed where they would go on the train.

Look out for different types of transport while you are out and about, don’t forget to look up at the sky too.




In groups they made sandwiches to eat when they reached their destination.











They went to the kiosk to collect tickets.








The teacher set up the chairs like a train. “All aboard”








We watched a short video of a train journey,travelling through a tunnel, then created our own tunnel.






At the end of our journey we all sat in the sunshine and enjoyed our sandwiches.


















Working together on the writing table to draw a track for our trains to travel on.



On the maths table we counted the correct number of teddies onto the carriages.


May 2017



This week in Nursery we have been learning about and exploring minibeasts.

We have been outside in the meadow on a nature hunt, lifting logs and searching for all different minibeasts.

We have been thinking about the The Very Hungry Caterpillar and recalling key events in the story by making our own books.

We have been making symmetrical patterns on butterflies on the computers and collaboratively  on the easel.

The children went on the Smartboard and ordered numbers one to five to create the body of a caterpillar.

To improve our gross motor skills we have been drawing rainbows and circles on the floor during Motor Move It!



May 2017

‘The Hungry Caterpillar’


The children have listened to the story of the ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ this week. We have spoken to them about the life cycle and shown them our very own caterpillars! Over the next two weeks we will watch them grow and take shape in their cocoons. Once our butterfly’s have emerged we will release them in our refurbished meadow.

The children have also been searching for mini beasts in the explorers den. They have used the torches and magnifying glass to hunt and describe the different insects.

The children have used the hole punch to make holes in the leaf just like how the caterpillar munches through the leaf in the story. They then carefully threaded the wool in and out of the holes using the needle.

The children are improving their mouse skills on the computer and producing some lovely pictures and enjoying the variety of programmes.

Many children independently come to the writing table to choose from the selection of paper and pens. They draw lovely pictures and are trying hard to write their name and other words using the story cards.

Every Friday the children take turns in their colour group to enjoy a ‘PATHS’ session. This is when we talk about our feelings and learn how to manage them. The children enjoy it when we use the puppets Twiggle, Henrietta, Daphne and Duke.















May 2017



Although it has only been a 3 day week the children have still been very busy learning through play.

 The children are now confident to self resource independently choosing materials from the collage trolley to make spring gardens.



On the easels the children have been looking carefully at the details of flowers before painting their own.








We have also been observing the changes of the seeds we have sown, the beans have started to produce  shoots.








The cress has grown really well and is now ready for the children to take home and enjoy in a salad.








In the garden we all enjoyed some  fun physical activity using our brightly coloured parachute.


Apr 2017

Summer Term News

Summer Term News

Welcome back to our children and families! We hope you have had a super Easter break at home together!

Our topic this term is ‘What’s growing?’. We will be listening to stories such as ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’,  and ‘Titch’. The children are also going to think about what they would like to be when they grow up. The Fire Fighters will also be visiting us during the last week of term.

This term the children will have the opportunity to practise writing their names with you at the start of each session. We will have a short meeting before this  to explain all about this during the week beginning 5th May.

This week in Nursery the children listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then sequenced the story using pictures. They planted their own pot of cress and gave them lots of water to drink. They  have been building beanstalks for Jack and having fun playing in the Garden Centre. The children have also been exploring different seeds and measuring feet belonging to the giant and Jack using the language of size.  We have seen some great drawings and paintings too. Take a look at our fabulous photographs below!

Just to let you know School is closed on Monday 5th May and Thursday 8th May


Apr 2017

Easter in Nursery

We have enjoyed lots of exciting Easter themed learning this week. We talked about why Christians celebrate Easter and made Easter cards to give to our families.

The children looked for all of the signs of Spring during our walk through the park. We talked about the signs of new life that spring brings and how this is linked to the Easter story.





We have been doing lots of exercise; hopping, jumping and bunny dancing around the garden.

Finally we made an Easter basket and were lucky enough to have a visit from the Easter bunny. He even left eggs all over the garden for us to find!

Wishing all of our families a wonderful Easter break! Make sure that you make the most of the good weather and explore the park!

Best Wishes,

The Nursery Team