Jan 2018

The Little Red Hen


This week as part of our What’s cooking topic, we are reading The Little Red Hen. 

The children loved naming the vegetables as they chopped…

The children used real life kitchen utensils in their play.

The children wrote a shopping list for the Little Red Hen.

We baked bread with the children just like in the story.



The children baked and sold bread and cakes in the role play bakery.


The children recreated the story themselves.


We are learning to share and take turns in the garden with the pushchairs as part of our personal, social and emotional development.

Jan 2018

Spring Term in Nursery


Welcome back to our children and their families. It is lovely to see you all again. The children were so excited to be back working and playing with their friends.

Last term finished on a very festive note as we performed our Nursery Nativity  and had fun at our Nursery Christmas party. The children were amazing performing the Nativity. We are very proud of them.


Our topic this half term is…‘What’s cooking?’.  This week we  listened to the story Handa’s Surprise and painted pictures of the animals and fruit from the story. The children have  written about the fruit using our special writing and listening to the sounds we can hear in the words. They have also listened to African music and printed with cotton buds to make our African patterns. Everyone has had lots of fun playing in the fruit and vegetable shop.

This term we will be sending home our Weekend Bear. He spends the weekend with the children and we ask the children to draw and write about the weekend with their bear. It will need to be returned on Monday so the children can show their group and talk about what they did together. This will help with their speaking and communication skills. Please take care of all of Weekend Bears items. He needs these as he visits each child! Thankyou for you support in helping your children.


Dec 2017

Three busy days


After having two days off the children came back and eager to tell us all about the snow. They enjoyed painting snowmen and other arctic animals.

Some children finished off their Christmas cards.

We decorated Christmas trees with glitter and sequins.

The children enjoyed making snowmen and rolling out the soft snow dough.

The children have drawn pictures and written about the Nativity story.  Don’t forget to ask your child what they have written about at home.

We have been practising our Nativity songs with the instruments.







Dec 2017

Christmas has arrived in Nursery!


This week the children have been decorating our Nursery Christmas tree with lots of different coloured baubles.

What colours can you see?

We have been writing our names in Christmas cards…

What sound does your name begin with?

We have been getting messy and using our senses to explore in the shaving foam…

What does to feel like?

We have been helping Santa in his workshop by wrapping presents, writing gift tags and delivering the presents…

We are beginning to learn our Nativity songs. You can help your child by practising at home too.

Can you retell the Nativity story to someone special at home?



Nov 2017

Woods Farm

Woods Farm

We have all been very busy in Nursery this week.

On Wednesday we visited Woods Christmas Tree Farm with Reception.

We saw lots of different size trees.


It was a big adventure going through the woods looking at the big trees.

It was very muddy and we enjoyed splashing in the puddles!

We choose our tree for school, it was a very hard decision!

A big thank you to all the parents who came along to help.


This week we have also been reading the story Owl Babies.

The children enjoyed the dark den, experimenting with lights and making their own owl baby tree homes.

The Nursery children have been very imaginative painting their our own owl’s.

In the book corner we have been listening to the Owl Babies story using the headphones and having a cuddle with Mr teddy.

Nov 2017

Being Healthy.

Being Healthy.

This week in Nursery we are learning all about being healthy, especially how to look after our teeth.

We had a dentist in the role play, and learnt how to clean our teeth making sure we brushed the teeth right at the back.

It is also important that we eat a healthy diet, so we made a tasty fruit salad.

The children chopped the fruit.

and then got to eat the yummy fruit.

Its also important for us to exercise, and in motor move it we use lots of movements to keep ourselves fit.



Nov 2017

Growing up

We have been looking at ourselves to see how we have changed since we were babies and  talking about the things we can do now as we have grown up.

At the writing table the children are developing their pencil control by drawing pictures of their family and beginning to write about it. Come and look in the nursery if your child’s work is displayed or check your child’s drawer for work so you can talk about it at home.








The children have enjoyed dress up as fire fighters and putting out the house fire. They have also made fire engines and other types of transport in the garden using the wooden blocks.





























The children have been busy making and receiving calls at the fire station.



























The children have been keeping fit in the garden by sweeping up the leaves and climbing up the ladder and over the ‘A’ frame. They are getting more confident and independent each day.



















We love to hear the children read to us. They can talk about the pictures or make up a simple story.







The children enjoy cooking in the home corner and naming the different types of food.

We have used different materials to glue a picture of our body. The children are learning to name the different parts of their body and put the parts in the correct area. Talk to your children as you get them dressed or sing songs that help them name parts of their body.

You could sing:

‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’

‘If you’re happy and you know it…’

‘This is the way we wash our…’







Thank you to everyone who contributed to the ‘Children in Need’ charity. The children all looked lovely in their spotty clothes.

The children were very excited decorating their biscuit with icing and sprinkles. I hope they all enjoyed eating them!




















Nov 2017


This week we have been reading the Three Little Pigs. Each pig had a different house made of sticks, straw and bricks. In the role play the children made their own houses to recreate the story:


Maths: The children have been exploring the principle of space in the water by filling and emptying bottles:


The children have been counting the people into the houses…

Remember one touch, one count!

The children have been exploring size and shape by cutting out big and little playdough shapes:

In the garden the children have been balancing on the stepping stones…

If you fall off try again!


The children have been exploring with shape and building their own houses:

Nov 2017

All about me.

Welcome back! we hope you all have had a lovely break.

This term our new topic is ‘All about me’.

In nursery we have been busy constructing and designing our houses with lego.

We have been learning about different colour races, being imaginative with playdough making faces.

Children have enjoyed using collage materials, paper, string, wool, glue to make a face on paper plates.

At the writing table children have been having fun drawing their own and their friend’s faces.

Our roleplay this week has had the children visiting the health clinic with their babies learnig about good health and how to take turns making appoinments.





































































Oct 2017

Celebrations in the Nursery.


Some of the children in Nursery will be celebrating Diwali. We would like to wish you all a very happy Diwali!

In Nursery the children have been busy making Puja Thali trays,

and making rangoli patterns in the garden.

Nursery was closed on Thursday and Friday and the parents came in, and shared books with their children, while waiting to speak to the teachers.

They also made a Humpty Dumpty book.

and had a look at the children’s  achievement books to see what they had been doing in Nursery.