May 2018

People who help us

People who help us

Following on with ‘people who help us’ the children have enjoyed playing in the role play areas throughout the nursery. They have pretended to be fire fighters, driving the fire engine to put out the fire. Then Building some walls and constructing other ideas in the garden. A group of children were carefully picking away at the soil to get the dinosaur egg (rock) from the ground. One child wanted to be palaeontologist when he grew up.






















Some children have really enjoyed cutting and snipping the paper to make teeth to stick on to the mouth.








Also using the play dough to mould in to different items like parcels, bricks, doctors etc.








Working in the office taking messages and answering the phone. Also writing letters to their friends and family, putting stamps on before posting them in the letter box ready for the post-man to deliver.















The children have found the transformation of the caterpillars into butterflies fascinating. We set them free this week in the meadow and waved them goodbye.





May 2018

Royal Wedding!

Royal Wedding!

This week we have a new area in nursery – the Communication Centre! This will help the children with their speaking and listening skills. The children can call their friends and the teachers or their families. The children have been writing notes and mark making.


As part of our topic People Who Help Us the children have been running the nursery hospital. They have been diagnosing the patients, making appointments, and dressing up as doctors to administer treatments.

We’ve been balancing in the garden…





Our caterpillars are part way through their life cycle. They have formed their cocoons or chrysalis.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding this weekend we have been making red, white and blue flags, decorating wedding dresses and making crowns. We sat outside for a Royal picnic to celebrate with our friends.








May 2018

The Very Hungry Caterpiller

In nursery we have been busy learning all about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

With the play dough we have been creating our caterpillars and counting the amount of food eaten.


We really enjoyed this!

We have been painting our butterflies. We used lots of different colours making symmetrical patterns on our pieces of art.


We have been listening to the The Very Hungry Caterpillar story in the book corner and creating our own version with story stones.


The weather has been lovely, we all enjoyed dancing and playing in the garden.





Please make sure to dress your child appropriately for the weather, do not forget the sun cream and sun hats!



May 2018



This week in Nursery we have been learning about and exploring minibeasts.

We have been outside in the meadow on a nature hunt, lifting logs and searching for all different minibeasts.

The children had great fun looking at the minibeasts they found.

As the weather gets a bit warmer, it’s time to start thinking about embracing opportunities for outdoor learning. Take the opportunity to head outside and discover the wonderful world of minibeasts.

Here are some ideas of the things to look for.


Related image

I would love to see any drawings of the minibeasts you find.


Don’t forget that Nursery is closed on Thursday 3rd May and Monday 7th May.




Apr 2018

Learning is Fun!

The children enjoyed going to the hall in school to do our first P.E lesson this week. Most of the children were very good at taking off their socks and shoes before starting. After we did our warm up the children had to practice finding their own space. We ran, jumped and hopped to the beat of the tambourine.

Please let your children practice taking off and putting on their socks and shoes at home. If they struggle it will help them lots to learn this skill and make them feel more independent.

In the garden the children have been learning how to record information by writing out tally charts. We enjoyed knocking down the skittles and writing down our score to see who was the winner.

The children have loved lying on the floor to draw some beautiful pictures and super writing.

The children have been thinking about different ways to use the equipment.

Apr 2018

Nursery Summer Term News

It’s hard to believe we are in the final term for our Nursery children.

This term our topic is ‘What’s Growing?’ This week the children listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and sequenced pictures as they retold the story. They have also planted cress seeds which have already started to grow. We are going to listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and watch real caterpillars make their cocoons and hatch into butterflies, how exciting!

 This term we will be taking the Nursery children to the hall in school to do P.E. every Monday. We will be introducing the children to the apparatus they will use when they move into their Reception classes. The children do not need a P.E. kit as they simply take off their shoes and socks and jumpers. May we ask that the children do not wear tights under trousers and have plenty of practise taking off and putting on their socks and shoes.

We will be carrying on with name writing as you bring the children into Nursery. Thank you so much for your support. The children are making great progress in their pencil control and letter awareness. We are also making sure the children are aware of shape names and colours, counting to 10 and recognising numbers in preparation for their time in Reception.

The sun has been very hot this week. Can we ask that the children have their sun screen put on before they come to Nursery and bring a hat/cap to wear when they go outside.


Mar 2018

Easter Celebrations

We have had another fun filled week in Nursery!

The children loved making their chocolate Easter nests, managing to resist the temptation of licking the spoon! They watched as the chocolate melted when warm and then went hard again after mixing the rice crispies into the mixture. We hope the children enjoyed eating them as much as they did making them.





























Our role play house had a special ‘Spring clean’ this week. The vacuum and cleaning equipment was very popular. Maybe the children could help clean at home too! Numbers were hidden in the eggs in the sand and chicks were found hiding in the play dough.










The children made their Easter baskets to take on the Easter Egg Hunt. They were very excited to find what the Easter Bunny had left for them.















We hope you have a lovely Easter break. Nursery returns on Tuesday 17th April

Mar 2018

Nursery this week

We have been busy in Nursery this week.


We made our Easter cards….

and decorated Easter eggs…

Now the weather has improved we have been outside exploring the garden…

We are climbing…

We are balancing…

We are crawling…

To help our gross motor skills we danced and moved to Busy Feet. 

Some of us pretended to be tall like a giraffe…

Some of us pretended to snap like a crocodile…

We have opened the independent Milk Bar in Nursery. This is where the children pour their own drinks and sit and chat to their friends whilst eating their snack.


In R.E. we have been thinking about the story of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat…




Mar 2018

stem week/parent workshops

We have had a very busy week in nursery!

Throughout the week the children have been learning all about science, celebrating STEM(Science,Technology, Education and Maths) week. We  experimented by putting a white flower in to a pot of water and adding food colouring to the water. We talked about the process of how the flower would change colour. We  created our own rainbows with skittles and watched the colours run together to create a rainbow. We also put coloured ice cubes into warm water and watched the water change colour as the ice melted.


How exciting!



During the week our lovely parents attended Stay and Play sessions with their children, learning all about healthy eating and lifestyle!

We made pizzas and found an exciting way of eating oranges, by squeezing the juice out of them.

We loved drinking the juice, yum!






On Monday the afternoon children went to the library. We read lots of books and had a group story. The teachers were very proud of the children as they read in the library and walked along the busy Stratford Road.

Thankyou to all the parents who came along and helped!



Mar 2018

A visit to Sparkhill Library.

This week the morning children visited Sparkhill library.

Image result for sparkhill library

Parents and children shared books, by looking at the pictures and reading the stories.

Then later they all joined together and listened to a story read by Mrs Zakers.

Reading to your child sets them up to succeed. The more you read to your child, the more knowledge they absorb, and knowledge is important in all aspects of life……. After all, reading with your child gives them the skills needed for when they start to read themselves.

Joining the library is the best way to do this by offering lots of different books for you to share with your child.

Just ask a member of the Nursery staff for a form or get one from the Library.

Afternoon  children will be going to the Library on Monday the 12th March.


Also this week we had a visit from the animal man

He had  lots of animals for the children to see, hold and feel.



Don’t forget to sign up for  stay and play on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th March.