Meals in School

Dinner money for the week is paid in advance to the class teacher every Monday morning. For security reasons please place this in a sealed envelope, stating your child’s name, class and the amount enclosed.

You can buy a pack of 40 small envelopes for this at the school office. If you want to pay by cheque, please make it payable to ‘St Johns CE Primary School’ with your cheque card number on the back and your childs name and class. If your child misses a meal you will be credited for the following week.

Free school meals

Families receiving specific benefits are entitled to free school meals. Application forms are available from the school office. These forms must be returned to the school office to enable your child to receive free school meals.

School dinners

Our Kitchen Staff provide a choice of food each day. Vegetarians and Muslims can always opt for a non-meat meal. School dinners are not Halal. There is a wide choice which caters for all dietary needs.  Please see our new menus below;

School Dinner Menu Sept – Dec 2017

Packed lunch

There is space in the dining hall for children who prefer a packed lunch. This choice is open to all children. In line with our policy on healthy eating, we wish to see a sandwich (or the equivalent, not hot food) and a piece of fruit to be included in each child’s lunchbox.

Our dining hall code

We agree to:

  • Walk into the dining hall quietly and sensibly
  • Be polite to one another
  • Finish each mouthful of food before speaking to our friends
  • Be careful how we use the cutlery
  • Wait for the lunch time supervisor to tell us to go