If you’re not really into technology, it can be worrying to see how into it our children are!

It’s all around them, and even if it’s not in your home, it will be pretty much everywhere else they go. It’s important that we teach our children how to be safe.

You are the best tool for keeping your child safe on-line. Even if you don’t know about computers. Think about things like this:

* Come to our e-safety talks.

* Keep your computer somewhere central like the living room. Remember that mobile phones and games consoles can get onto the internet too.

* Show an interest and get involved in what your children are doing online. Ask them to show you what they do.

* Talk to them about keeping safe online and what to do if something happens that they don’t like.Sometimes children don’t admit things that have happened because they think you will take away their computer or phone. If they are the victim of something like cyber-bullying they should be able to tell us without worrying that they will be punished.

Have a look at these useful websites:

Think You Know

Chat Danger

Kid Smart

One of our Year 5 parents who works in I.T. kindly made this advice sheet and asked us to share it with you.



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