St John's C of E Primary School

Curriculum & British Values

St John's CE School Curriculum: Y1-6.


Our Rationale:


We believe that children are naturally inclined to want to know more about the world they live in. What parent hasn't had to answer the question, "Why...?" a hundred times when their child has leaned to talk?


We believe that school should be the place where children find out answers, and the catalyst for wanting to find out even more! We encourage children to look at the world and question why things are as they are. We teach them how to find out the answers to their questions, and to think about whether the information they have found is accurate or biased. 


We introduce children to new knowledge through exciting topics which are cross-curricular, rooted in our local area, relevant and inspiring. We weave PSHE, British Values and RE through these topics, along with Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, DT, English and Maths. Children also have two PE lessons a week- one indoor and one outside.


We teach Maths and English every day and there are links below that take you to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. Our topics give the context for our Reading and Writing, whilst the Programme of Study gives the specific English skills being taught. Children use their Maths skills in some of our topics: Science and Geography, for example, often require the use of mathematical skills or reasoning. 


How does being a Church School impact on our curriculum?


Our values are the glue that cements the different strands of our curriculum together. We study two values together and these form the basis of our collective worships. They are the same two values that will be running through the topics that the children are studying, and also the RE topics. In this way, children are able to link our values to topics they are studying in all sorts of different ways. Our hope is that this enables them to see the implications of living a life with values such as compassion and forgiveness, and the outcomes when people turn their backs on values such as justice and friendship.